Botanicare CNS-17 Line for nutes?

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  1. Just curious how many coco growers use the cns17 line for their nutes....and if so what do you use? Have you had good success with the line?

    I currently have calmag+, Grow, and Ripe.-I was told by the owner of my hydro store I didnt need to use Bloom, that Ripe was all i needed and he said he considered bloom to be a rip off. thoughts?
  2. I don't use it, but I wouldn't say Bloom was a rip off. Calling a product in a line that only consists of 3 total nutrients a rip off is pretty dumb. You may be fine without it, but it's definitely not a rip off.
  3. Yeah, Rip-off is a strong word, But you probably dont "need" both, they both have similar profiles.. you could pick bloom OR Ripe if you were on a budget.
  4. Thats pretty much exactly what I was told...."getting both are a rip off just choose one or the other, but i would go with ripe"

  5. perhaps im just more political, but I would have said .

    "getting both is unnecessary just choose one or the other, but i would go with ripe"

  6. If I could only choose one I'd definitely go with Ripe over Bloom. You will be missing out on the higher Nitrogen level of Bloom, but you could make up for that by making a custom mix of Grow and Ripe in the early weeks of flowering. If you go with just Bloom, you have no option to make up for what Ripe has, which is very low Nitrogen levels. That's only if I had to choose though, if I were actually going to use that line I'd just get all 3.
  7. I use both grow and ripe in my coco grow and the guy at the hydro store also said bloom is a waste of money cause you only use it for a couple weeks in the grow cycle and he also said they are going to discontinue making it soon. I'm gonna take his word for it cause i dont think he would talk me out of making him money for his store. Check out my grow in my sig im 8+ weeks into flowering so you can see the results of my first grow attempt using those nutes
  8. ive been following your grow ayron lol, posted in there a few times too i think.

    Thats funny i was told the exact same thing, almost as if we talked to the same guy :confused:
  9. Dang, just bought Bloom a few weeks ago. Can I still use it thru flowering, or should I take the recommendation for only the 1st couple weeks of flower at face value?

  10. If you already have it might as well use it. Do you have ripe as well?
  11. No, unfortunately.
  12. I havent followed Bloom too much, since I only bought Ripe, but what I have seen on my feeding schedule sheet is that Bloom is used for I think the first 4 weeks(i think) of switching to flower alongside Ripe, then you cut out Bloom and finish up flower with Ripe. So im not sure if Bloom is a fert you use all the way through, if it was me I would just buy a small bottle of Ripe...mine was only $11, might be a good investment.

    Keep in mind I am still in my first grow though, I am by no means an expert.

  13. Are you in Coco Miscbrah?
  14. yes, pure botanicare perlite or any other amendments
  15. For the uninitiated, whats "miscbrah"?

  16. The guys username.. lol.

    I would get some Ripe. You might have slight problems going with only Bloom. The Nitrogen is pretty high in Bloom, that is the reason for switching to Ripe towards the end, cannabis needs a higher ratio of Phosphorus to Nitrogen to promote better bud growth in late flowering.

    Bloom NPK is 2-2-3
    Ripe is 1-5-4

    Pretty dramatic difference. That's the reason why I said Ripe and Grow would be ok. You could just mix some Grow with Ripe for the first few weeks of flowering to bump up the Nitrogen, but with only Bloom and Grow, there is no way to cut out Nitrogen in mid/late flowering.
  17. duh! lol

    Yeah, for the $11 it would be dumb not to get the ripe. At least the cns17 line is pretty cheap.
  18. bumping this thread
    im going ot be purchasing botanicare nutes for my upcoming coco grow and was wondering which cns17 grow to get. there are 2 one is 3-1-2 and one is 3-2-4 so im alittle confused on which one would be best
  19. i use the 3-2-4 supplemented w/ pure blend original, i also add a touch of silica blast, cal-mag, aqua shield and liquid karma
  20. yeah i got the cal mag, my plan is to KISS for this first go around just going ot due grow, ripe, and hydroplex for the end of flower. i plan on cloning the 4 plants form this upcoming grow so maybe i will add some other stuff to the next grow to see the changes in yield.

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