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  1. Hey whats up guys? Me and some friends are heading into Boston tonight since the other past weekends we went to Worcester and Providence. I dont go to boston too often but whats to do there when you are high? We're gonna bring down some herb and prolly smoke around town
  2. *raises hand* I Know, I Know!

    Walk down Newbury Street (check oiut the pieces if you have time), Copley Mall, Prudential Tower Mall area, they got an ill food court (Prudential) and candy store :smoke: .

    Harvard Square?
  3. I think I was at newbury before when I went to sugar daddys.

    Prudential Tower= prudencial center?

  4. Newbury St has The Hempest. Sugar Daddy's is somewhat close, but it's at Kenmore Square, which is definatly not Newbury Street.

    When it's warm out, I just walk around mostly. Everything else is too expensive to do. Also the aquarium can be neat to check out baked. The clubs near Fenway are pretty tight, although somewhat boring while stoned, at least for me, but I'm not a club-goer.
  5. Definetly hit up the prudential center/newbury/kenmore... Use the Metro to get around.. Theres T-stops everywhere.

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