Boston U/GW

Discussion in 'General' started by CollieBud, May 18, 2010.

  1. I'm currently looking at colleges (18 years old) and was wondering if anyone is going to or knows anything about Boston University or George Washington University. I'm looking for colleges in a city that still has a nice party scene if anyone has suggestions on others.
  2. well i have friend that goes to BU and according to him, boston is fun and the school is great. Boston is pretty much a college city so u can expect a ton of parties. as far as GW, i kno in terms if academic ranking GW is way better than Boston U but its not only about the party scene or how strong their medical research department is but instead which school is a better environment for u and which school suits your way of learning best. u would have to go yourself and check the schools out. but good luck with your decision and u cant go too wrong with either school, they're both top ranked schools.

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