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  1. what up everyone Boston here. 617, where its at. any other boSTONEians???
  2. this user pmed me asking for a hookup somewhat.
  3. Welcome. I'm relatively new to Boston & GC myself.
  4. 617 right here

    can I sit back down? lol

    nahh, welcome to GC.. alot of bostonians around here..

    been tokin long?
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    edit: wtf i'm always the thread killer.
  6. man giroldo your quick to tell on somene huh? How exactly was I "Somewhat" asking for a hookup, come on man.....:cool: anyways yeah ive been smokin since i was a young'n. Lived on the Cape for a while. But I have to say that Boston does get some of the nicest nugs. as the kids on the korner call it "piff" LOL -oh yeah u guys can sit down now ha.:smoke: mmmmm lemon trainwreck is my current indulgence what else you guyz smokin in the 617? In the past couple months there have been some bomb strains goin around I evn got some Purple Urkle, my Fav. was the Sour diesel though. I even seem some lambs bread(Or is it breath?) around. old skool bud.
  7. Hells yeah Boston
  8. boston the band is great...
  9. not as great as the city though
  10. .. well they're from boston so to say they're not great as great as the city makes no sense.....

    but boston is sick.

    west coast ftw though.
  11. Not saying they aren't great, but the pieces don't quite add up to the sum of thier parts if you know what I mean
  12. im from boston but im staying sitting i dont wanna drop my bowl lol what up everyone ...idk im smoking on some bubba kush what else is boston got going around
  13. Lemon TrainWreck!!! very nice nugz small nicely cured bud. It Actually smells very much like lemon
  14. we gotta mix the two and smoke a nice fat blunt my dude
  15. Any of you guys see that Bad Girls Club season with the one girl from Boston that will never shut the fuck up about it, that's all she fricken talked about, you just wanted to jack her in the face....
  16. ^^ Boston is the shit dude

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