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[BOSTON] Piff (Purple Urkle)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bostondutchmast, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. so got some from my piff connect...could only manage to grab .8 tonight. this shit knows me out and the .8 stank up my hole house very badly...smoking blunts and driving in the snow storm.... should be fun nighth








  2. fucking dank dude, looks exactly like the shit i had last week.
  3. VERY nice bud!!! +rep:wave:
  4. ummmmm
    thats ridiculous. :smoke:
    just wow man.
  5. #5 bostondutchmast, Feb 19, 2009
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    the gdp:rolleyes:...if it was this proboally tastes pretty similar too...its got that purple taste to it with a big smack of skunk. now i need a toro:cool:...proboally really similar prices too...paid newyork prices

    20 for .8 and 450 for an ounce
  6. hahaha nahh, i had purple urkle silly, just didn't take pix lol.

  7. maybe its the same. my connects connect is in newyork so you never know...ii had some purple urkle from this same guy a few months ago and i thought it was too strong...never had bud that made me need to sit down for a few minutes other than a bowl of keif. this batch isnt as intoxicating but the high is amazing. very couchlocked spacy kind of high
  8. this is why I'm going to miss being so close to Boston haha. sick pick up man.
  9. #9 bostondutchmast, Feb 19, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2009

    where did you go to?

    i got the hash hookup too down here along with possibly getting my favorite strain if i feel like spending the cash...those crazy prices 300 a half 600 an ounce. or amnesia haze for a little cheaper. still debating it. but the will be coming soon to show the people massachusetts has some quality hash :)
  10. wow that looks great. maybe ill be able to get some of that, i wonder if it will make it to western ma. too bad my dealer just quit too hah.
  11. Nice my person is going into beantown tomorrow to get some new greens it be badass if it was that good. amazing buds
  12. good luck...if its from boston it should be some nice quality.
  13. that looks delicious. i envy you, i might light a blunt and join you in that drive through the snow :smoke:

  14. definitly a formula for some good times.
  15. looks awesome. I had some gdp from ny and it put me to sleep...
  16. Dam man- thats bud is just strait up dank and hella purple./

    Thats definetly gonna put u on ur ass:D

  17. thats exactly where im at right now ... on my ass. me any my friends were just doing some donuts on my street. i liveo n a colvasack so its great :)
  18. You found that in Boston? I believe I picked up some of that a while ago in West Roxbury. Bomb shit son!!!!! :smoke:
  19. god damn dude, that looks awesome
  20. Looks a lot like my Purple Passion pickup.

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