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Discussion in 'General' started by EuropeanVW, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Anyone from the Boston area? I just got accepted to school there (Newbury College) and was wondering what everyone thinks of the area. Most people I've talked to said its awesome. Being a large city, I'm sure theres mad hookups to be found and plenty of good trees. Anyone out there to confirm this statement?
  2. im not from boston but im a half hour south of it and ya i think ull like it, weed here is good so im assuming up there it could only be better seeing how boston is muuuuuch bigger
  3. Word. Plus, I got a friend from the area who already has the hookups, and could just introduce me. $140 a zip for bomb middies. :)
  4. south boston right here! great place just watch ur back.
  5. im about 45 minutes west of boston, Boston is great, ive been in the city alot and ive liked it every time. Great buds around here too..
  6. i live in the suburbs north of boston, 6 miles outside the city. we have really bomb bud here, about 250$ an ounce. in my town its hard to even find middies.
  7. I live like 30 min from boston its a cool city to get baked then just walk around.
  8. I just went there for a college visit. I loved the area, I definately think I want to goto school there.
  9. Congrats Euro:D
    I live in Brookline like right next to Boston. I can get mids for $35 an eighth or top bud for $40-$45 an eighth. TONS of stoners around here in Brookline, probably the same in Boston I'd imagine....
  10. i live about a half hour from boston in marshfield. it's a great place to be, man. i hung out there tonight. not sure about hookups or anything, but there's this store on Newbury st. called The Hempist. Definatly check it out :D

  11. Nice man, thats exactly where the school I'd go to is man. Such a nice area, I was loving it.

    Yeah, Newbury Street isn't far from campus either. Take a few minutes to get there on the T. My friend mentioned that store to me. Also told me if you go above it, theres like a designer glass store, with multi-thousand dollar bongs. :D
  12. ya my friend got a 420$ bubbler there, second best piece ive hit in my life

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