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BOSTON HEMPFEST 2007!!!!!! Whos Going?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tokingbuffalo, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. It starts at high noon on the boston commons WHOS GOING!!!!! I cant fucking wait!!!!:hello::hello::smoke::smoke:
  2. its raining pretty hard on cape it raining up their?
  3. i was planning on going, but i have pink eye and the i think it is raining like crazy. that and i don't have a car and i'm in worcester. everything is agianst me going into the city today...
  4. Yea I was going to go, but then it rained. I guess every year they have it, it rains lol. So they shall fishbowl a warehouse or something next year :p

  5. now you tell me....:eek:
  6. I was looking forward to it for so long but I caught pneumonia.

    Plus, it gets VERY annoying to see people call it Hempfest. Hemp is only one product from the amazing cannabis plant.

    Its really called the MassCann Freedom Rally. Its put on by MassCann, NORML's Massachusetts chapter.
  7. Gotta work....
  8. I reside on the Left coast, so its 3000 miles away and I only fly 1st class. So I can't afford it, but we have plenty of Hemp/Weed/Reggae celebrations here in California.
  9. i didnt go, my uncle went to sell his art though. but otherwise i didnt really think it was a chill atmosphere? or is it? :cool:
  10. did anyone that went want to tell us how it went?
  11. I was in New York unfortunately. Sucks that it rained.
  12. I went, and had a damn good time. Bowled out the car on the drive in, (God knows how we found parking), and got in just when it started to get nice out. Bought a sick little Space Case knockoff for $20, plus a huge blue spoon, a bubbler, and one of those little one hitters that look like cigs. Me and my freinds proceeded up the hill which most people were seated on, and I swear there was this beautiful haze of smoke over most of it. A ton of people smoked, but a bunch were caught too. I saw a scared shitless group of kids have their bubbler and spoon taken from them by a statie, who was making his rounds. But those little one hitters work well, no one caught me :D

    It was fun overall, got to listen to alot of cool speeches and that guy who sings "I Put a Baby in You". Great atmosphere too, very laid back and chill.
  13. I thought about going but I've heard mixed reviews about previous years. I wanted to go to try and meet some other locals who enjoy the same thing. I'm in my 20's and I started smoking a few years ago and I don't have many friends who smoke. Then I read about how people were arrested last year and the next day I read about some people being arrested, shitty.

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