Boston Hempfest 09

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CarterP, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. so yesterday me and my friend picked up a fat 1/4 before going to hempfest and now that marijuana is decriminalized we can carry up to an Ounce with out actually getting in trouble but, anyways me and my friends were packing a nice fat bowl when these 2 guys came up from behind us and held my friends down they then continued to hold us down and they told us they were undercover cops and if we didnt give them our shit they would bring us to the station. Now me being on probahtion got up and ran but my friend was still there with the bag and to make a long story short they most likely werent cops and they stole our weed they told us if they saw us there again they were gonna kick our asses so anyways i bought another eighth and rolled a huge fatty for 4:20 and i really hope those thieves get caught with over an ounce and burn in hell:smoke::smoking:
  2. wait... so u ditched ur friend? lol
  3. well kind of i was with 5 kids and he was completely cool with me ditching cuz im on probation
  4. ya i went too it was sick. 7 blunts and countless bowls. it was a good time. saw mad people get busted but they would not just hold you down out of the blue. they definitely werent cops. there were undercovers though.
  5. yea they were like 30 year old guys maybe older so im not really sure but like why would they just wanna steal our weed and shit thats just bad luck luckily i had a lot of money that day headed over to hempest and got a new slide and grinder too

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