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  1. Anybody know where the quality head shops are in the city? I plan on going on no a nice day, taking a look in as many shops as I can, and hopefully pick up something beautiful:D:smoke:. I know about the hempest, and sugar daddies, but I believe there are more. Any help would be great!
  2. the joint, green side up, the hempest, sugar daddy's & buried treasures are all great places!

    edit -

    I havent been to green side up yet, but from the stuff they post on facebook the work looks real good
  3. the joint is apparently in trouble right now...not sure on the details but a few days ago their facebook said they were closed and would update and all the comments posted were all essentially "fuck the police"

    also wheres green side up? never heard of it
  4. I'm pretty sure there's one in Harvard Square, which is a short Red Line ride outside of the city. Besides that' I'm not much help, but I am interested since I live in the area and might be looking to buy a pipe soon.

  5. wow thats unfortunate about the joint, hopefully they're open by wednesday. I tried to find green side up on facebook but couldn't

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