Boss's eyes redder than the devil's dick

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    Boss came back from break with eyes redder than the devil's dick haha. Apparently he's been smoking bowls in his car on almost every break we take. I find it pretty funny because we are the record holding team at our plant, and we are all 18 - 30 year old stoners for the most part. In a factory time is everything, and apparently weed increases productivity :p.
  2. Why are you pissed? Now you know you can smoke during work :)
  3. Thats actually awesome
  4. Lucky bitch i have to hide my high when im at work
  5. My boss and other employees blaze/use to blaze during shifts. We work retail so it makes stupid people easier to handle.
  6. yeah its true weed does increase work productivity a relative of mine who i smoke with alot does auto body and he says when he smokes bud he can outwork any of the men at the garage where he works.
  7. You saw the Devil's dick?
  8. [quote name='"WhereRDaCookies"']and apparently weed increases productivity :p.[/quote]

    Indeed it does!

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