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boss hogg or critical hog

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Kill a Watt, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. anybody grow these? eyeing the attitude seed bank promo going on. they sound good. i can't find anybody that has grown these
  2. I got these seeds with my order from Attitude. I just popped the Critical hog. I guess only time will tell. If I'm not mistaken, it is a new previously unreleased strain.
  3. My Critical hogg Just popped today...
  4. The Critical hog and Klasnikova I poped are looking great so far. Showing a second set of leaves.
  5. Ive seen some boss hogg that was pretty awesome.
  6. Once mine gets its shit together i'll put them up in my grow journal
  7. they are both growing like weeds
  8. I have first set of fans coming out
  9. Yea, I'm real happy so far. I see three sets of leaves. On both plants. Cannot wait till they are big enough to clone, then it is really on:)
  10. so i just found this thread. i too just popped a critical hog...turns out mine is a purple phenotype. its only on day 15 and it is very vibrant and healthy but the underside of all the leaves is a nice light bright purple i was wondering if anyone else has the same one?
  11. I haven't even checked, mines slowly creeping under a CFL, on it's 2nd set of leaves.
  12. I veg with cfl also. I am showing abut 5 sets of leaves right now.
  13. I'm at day 15 and she's almost ready to be topped and transplanted
  14. Does anyone know the characteristics of the hogsbreath pheno?
  15. If it is the one I'm thinking of it is a Jamaican strain also known as hogs bread. it is rumored to be Bob's favorite. supposed to have a very mellow euphoric high. But I cannot say for sure, but I was looking for the Hogs Breath in the past and that is what I found during my research.

    The Critical Hog I poped is growing strong, but slow, it is under CFL's. it is roughly 6-8-10" tall with a lot of nodes up and down the main stem. looks healthy. The Klashnikova on the other hand looks kinda, well not real healthy. I used a mix of fresh and used soil, It may have had too much P or K left in it. I see signs of over fert in those nutrients, but not in the Critical hog which is in the same soil mix. But I flushed well and she looks like she'll be pulling through. So I poped another Klasshnicova, 2 Vanilla Kush and 2 Pineapple Chunk. I decide I wanted to get some variety going and play around more this year. I'll be growing the plants until they are roughly 12-14" and put to flower. I veg with about 450 watts of CFL (20-23w), I have a grow box 24"x48"x~36". I works good enough. I flower in a space ~24"x45"x6', I use 3 - 100 Watt Diamond series LED's as well as 1 -90 UFO from ProSource. I try to keep about 4 -6 plants under light at all times. I usually only have two which are in full on wk 6 flower. I try to keep a perpetual thing going.

    Anyways there you have it
  16. Lambsbread / lambs breathe is wat the marley smoked.....
    Should be some good stuff regardless post some pics!
  17. your right, hog breath/ lambs breath, it all some kinda breath. anyway, I agree that it should be good regardless
  18. So I put these guys to Flower about 3 weeks ago. I took some pictures, lets see if I can get them attached

    Attached Files:

  19. the order form left to right:
    Klashnikova, klashnikova close up, Critical hog, Critical hog close up, sorry, I got a crappy camera.

    oh here's one of the lighting configuration, 3.8'x1.75, 3- 100w diamonds and 1 90w Illuminator

    Attached Files:

  20. So I have finished up the Kalashnikova ans the Critical Hog. I cannot give a total dry weight as I usually only save the cola and hash/butter the rest. I grow for one. But the Kalashnikova had a 14.1 gram cola compared to Critical Hog which had a 15.7 gram colla. The Kalashnikova has more dense flowers compared to the Critical Hog. I like the aroma from both but, again I like the Kalashnikova better. From the remaining leaf/trim and side buds I got 1.3 grams of good bubble hash and made a lb of butter that mellows you real good. I do have to say the medicinal effects are pretty equal, nothing exceptionally different between the two. I am liking the Kalashnikova a bit better, due to aroma/flavor. I will most likely place an order in the future to get more of these, if they grow the same I will be happy, but all bets seem to be off when dealing with GHS. I do have one more Kalashnikova grow from seed that will go to flower in a week or so. So far it is growing just like the first one, very stout and short, with a huge main stem. in the mean time I am preparing to pull down a nice Diablo Kush and a Girl Scout cookies. The Diablo got a little tall so I had to bend her over;} so now the horizontal branches have nice uniform buds I may keep a bit more from it.


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