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  1. Randomly today at work, my boss comes up to me and we start talking about a guy in Montana. She said "he's probably just up there smoking pot, o ya, I heard you got your medical marijuana card, the fraud department told me." And of course I was caught like a deer in headlights. I denied it of course, but I think I clearly gave it away.

    I live in Colorado, can they just up and fire me now?

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Is this a joke or your workplace does have a fraud department?
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    if she found out you got it why did you lie? :confused:

    you're in colorado. i don't think it will be a problem. but, i suppose that depends on your place of work.
  4. Op where do you work? not a name just general what line of work are you in?
  5. Either deny or refuse to confirm or deny alligations, you have privacy you don't need to share. IF you did admit maybe their could be reprecussions maybe... I dont know for sure just speculation
  6. seriousbuisness INC.

    they have a fraud department bro. lol
  7. I dont see how they could fire you just for doing something thats legal.

    Sounds kind of like firing someone because they were prescribed pain killers for hurting themself..

    As long as youre not stoned at work or let it effect your performance..
  8. Although there is nothing wrong with smoking,
    there is something wrong with people that lie
    and abuse systems made for the ill. I risk my
    neck like the rest of us stoners in civil disobedience.
  9. i've heard that there are laws that prohibit businesses from looking into your medical files? maybe not? not sure...
  10. If they find out you're THC +, they would be able to fire you since federal law trumps state law. But that's only if they are uptight douches.
  11. She can't fire you for using something on your own time and you have a doctor's prescription. By law, she can't ask you what kind of medical condition you have either. If you do get fired then it's wrongful termination.
  12. Unless they asked you during employment if you have a med card, then they have no reason to be snooping in your medical files.

    Medical files are strictly you and your Dr. No one else.

    BUT, if you did have a med card while being hired, and they wanted to verify the validity, then yes, i think they do have that right to do so.

    By law, they can fire people for lying. Would you want some one who lied to get a job working at your place? What if that person was convicted of murder?

    ^ This.
  13. you cant be fired. well i mean if they really wanted to, im sure they would... do you work for the state?
  14. Yeah I work at a bank. I just don't know how the hell they found out. I mean I just applied a week and a half ago, I don't even have the damn card yet!! I must have been a dumbass and looked at something online.
  15. Maybe he just wants you to buy some herb for him.
  16. Just deny it, or tell them that you're doctor recommended it for you to try and your on the fence about it.

    I'd go with the later honestly.
  17. you know many years ago I worked for a company. I am a disabled Veteran. I have 100% hearing loss in my right ear and suffer from severe vertigo among other disabilities from wounds received during my service.
    Anyways, I worked at this place and I am 100% deaf in my right ear, so I have trouble hearing where a noise or sound or voice might be coming from or I might not hear you. Well the employer made a few smart comments out of range of me hearing. They also drew a picture of something to the effect of my hearing loss and vertigo as well. My helper came and told me what they were saying. I went and confronted them to say it to my face. They did not and would not. Another helper came and told me the same thing and another mechanic did the same. The mechanic also got a hold of the picture as well and gave it to me. We went to my attorney's office and made a taped deposition about what they heard said and what was done and entered the picture into the case file.
    Long story short...............we went to court. I sued the pants off them for discriminating against my disability and won.
    I used the money I got to start my electrical contracting business and competed him right out of business by using all his contacts, addresses and emaill addys that I had aquired in the 5 years that I worked for him.
    Employers have to be careful about what they say and do.
    I believe that someone in your place of employment has said something to your employer. I believe that is how it has been discovered. There is no way they could see your medical records, I do not care who they are unless they are the federal government, then your HIPPA does not mean SHIT!
    Hope it all works out for you.
  18. ok 1. Idk aobut your state laws. Arizona for example is a right to work state. That means any company can fire you at any given time without a reason. Just like that. 2. As far as your medical files go, as far as i know that is confidential info and how the fuck did it come up in the FRAUD dept? That's just odd. Main thing is, drug test. IF you fail you're done. Federal law says it's an illegal drug and they will fire you for it. There were a few people in mi that got fired for it even though they had mmj cards. I remember one guy was in his late 20s had a really late cancerous tumor on his brain and wal mart fired him because he failed a drug test. Even though he said he never smoked at work or before they still canned him. Just be careful that's all. Personally, i would've said "yea, and?" At least you're being honest. He might fuck with you because u lied. But you never know, good luck either way brotha
  19. Isn't it a med card? Shouldn't it be treated like any other medical prescription? :(
  20. If a job wants to fire you, they can fire you for whatever the fuck they want and say it was for some other reason if it breaks ethic policies...

    There is no law saying an employer is required to keep a medical patient as an employee upon discovering they are a med patient. A simple, our policy says if you are THC positive, you can not work here, will end the employment, because it states in their policy its not allowed, most companies dont have a contingency that would state medical marijuana is excluded.... But you could probably contest it in some sort of suit, but then when they hire you if you won, they could just fire you the next day for poor performance..... or they could just do that now lol, its really at their disposal who they do and do not fire

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