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Bose Mini Sound Link 2 Can't charge solved

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by ICGreen, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. #1 ICGreen, Jan 30, 2018
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2018
    Hey Blades, I have had the above speaker for about two years or so.
    Plugged it in to charge and left for work. Came home and it was flashing red. I thought that was weird, but packed it off to my favorite watering hole.

    We usually sip our beers, have some tokes and listen to music in a little patio area.
    When I set it up, nothing, tried the charger and still, nothing.

    Upon arriving home I tried a Google search, thinking nothing would help.
    Low and behold, there was a firmware update that alleged to fix the issue.
    Connected the USB cable to the computer and speaker, downloaded and ran the file.
    It took about 10 minutes but soon came back to life, with an 80% charge.

    I never would have thought that it would all be because of firmware. Kinda fucked because a lot of folks would likely just trash the speaker.

    This link will identify and check to see if your device needs an update.
    Bose Software Updater for: QuietComfort, QuietControl, SoundSport, SoundWear, SoundLink and BOSEbuild products

    This one will get you started if you haven't yet connected.
    Bose Software Updater for: QuietComfort, QuietControl, SoundSport, SoundWear, SoundLink and BOSEbuild products

    If your battery is too low there are some tricks to force a hard reset too.

    Party on.


    CRITICAL UPDATE: If you succeed in getting it to work again, use it right away. Read more in the thread.
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  2. some poor soul is going to google this exact problem in the distant future and cry with happiness when they find this.
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  3. I hope so, I thought I was screwed.

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  4. That is odd that it was firmware.

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  5. That's what I thought. The site wasn't very clear about it, but I think it was connected to a pre-shipping setting. I don't know why it would freak and go there though.

  6. Definitely weird that it would be firmware, typically unless the firmware is bad from the get-go, or exposed to a new exploit then updating firmware doesn't really fix anything. I wonder if the eeprom contained an emergency base firmware as a fall back should the operational file be corrupted.
  7. It seems to be very important to start using the speaker after the update.
    Mine was 80% after un-bricking. I let it set for 2 days and went to use it. Hmm, no power, attached cord... The dreaded blinking red again.
    Returned to the firmware page, You have the latest update.
    Did a little research.

    After you go to the firmware update page, you can press a d v up arrow down arrow.
    The page will change to Advanced.
    Here you have the option to flash the same update or the older version.

    After about 20 tries with many different combos, I gave up.

    I called Bose support this last Sunday.
    They basically said I had tried all the troubleshooting steps and the next option would be a repair.
    I asked how much. They stated $75. I asked what happens if it bricks again in 6, 3, or 1 month? Without any back and forth, they stated they would send me a shipping label, do the repair, and extend the warranty 1 year (It was out of warranty). They would send me an email with all the info, soon.

    Today, Thursday, I checked the spam folder and still had no response.
    I called again and they quickly determined that they recorded the email address wrong.
    After confirmation and a 2 hour wait, there is the shipping label, etc.
    Cool, will update again.

  8. 75 bucks for their eff up?

    I bought a refurbished klipsh ifi on ebay, one tweeter was out and they sent me a whole new speaker no questions asked, down the road the ipod dock went nuts, sent me a new one no questions asked.

    I am not knocking Bose, just saying if you are unhappy, Klipsch are pretty good in this regard.

    Just recently got Klipsch Promedia since a storm knocked out my ifi's subwoofer after over a decade of faithful service.

    Sounds good and gets plenty loud!

  9. They are paying the shipping, the repair, and a new 1 year warranty.
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  10. Just replying to say that...

    A. The activity described above sounds like some of the best times a person can have.

    B. This is why it's often worth paying the big bucks for products from a brand that aims to please.
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  11. I am pleased to report that I've had the speaker back for 4 days now. It actually sounds better than before.

    The repair paper says that both back grills replaced (Point of entry?).
    Both internal batteries.
    Both on-board logic boards.

    Thank you Bose.

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  12. Nice! The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  13. That was the sweetest part, I never really squeaked.
    They stated out of warranty, so the only option was a factory repair.
    I may have had a little disappointment in my voice as I asked, "What happens if it fails 6 months, three months, or even a month from the repair. Then what"? They responded with the sweet offer.

    They must have experienced disappointed customers before and had instructed their phone folks to offer free repair at any sign of disappointment!?

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