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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by DroGotMaEyesLow, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow Potheads, I dont know about you guys but i am a glassaholic, and lately ive been looking for some heady glass. I was curious if anyone could help me out and invite me on Boro M****t. Please it would be great to help me out and my glass problems :bongin:
  2. Doubt anyone is willing to stick their neck out for you unless they know you personally and can trust you
  3. dude! just pay the fee and get in! what kind of pieces you looking to buy/sell? pm me!
  4. the way i look at it...if you cant afford the deposit you cant afford any of the glass on there...are they offering the stater account with deposit yet?
  5. sorry man, BM is just so tight with their rules I cant risk inviting anybody I dont know personally. I managed to scoop a silver script back when reg was open and have enjoyed it since, but it seems like everyday BM gets stricter and stricter
  6. Yes!! they have finally opened their doors, it is now a $50 starter fee, for a limited acct where you can purchase.. then after building rep you can upgrade acct to sell etc..

    So sign up, the more people, the better!

    BORO Market
  7. only 50 bucks! that seems way to cheap...

    i would have had it at 200-300 dollars...

  8. that would be unreasonable, I still can't believe i got the silver life time subscription for $25
  9. mos def not unreasonable im not saying thats what it should cost but that should be the deposit...and you get it back after 10 transactions or something...


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