Boris - Flood, a masterpiece

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  1. Get a hold of your best shit boys and girls, because i am about to send you on a musical journey.

    I wanted to share with you, one of my all time favorite albums. The Japanese band Boris' album Flood (2000) can be described only as a true masterpiece. The album is split into four parts: an intro, a build op, a climax and an outro.

    The album is psychedelic while also being a stoner rock/metal piece with a chillout section.
    Each of the four parts have a specific cling to it, and especially Parts II & III (the build up and the climax) are to be noted.


    - The Japanese trio Boris

    The album kicks off very gently with a brainwashing intro that you are probably only going to listen to very rarely. It's a repetetive guitar loop that varies only slightly throughout the 14:39 minute long intro. It is truly mezmerizing and while it gets very hard to keep listening to the guitar loop towards the end, the sound takes a turn just before it gets to the point where it is bad, which in turn makes it brilliant.

    Midway into the intro you can hear a loud drum (typical of the Japanese with their big drums) starting to pound. This drum "explosion" gets more and more frequent until the guitar loop is replaced by a mounting chaos of drum sounds.

    Everything gets hazy in the fury of the pounding drums until the drummer slows the fury and the album enters it's second stage: The Build Up


    All you need is a drummer, a bass/guitar player and a guitarist to take you away into musical wonderland.

    In this Part of the album, Part II, you are presented with several "eargasms". Flowing gently through a 13 minute jam session, you will experience a sound that truly is extraordinary. The drummer plays a slow and soothing rhythm while the guitarists maintain a constant wave of super-chillout guitar sounds.

    The entirety of Part II is quite simply nothing short of epic. I remember seeing Boris live at the Roskilde Festival in 2007 where they played Flood, and i can tell you that it was hands down one of the very best concert experiences i've ever had. Lighting up a joint and chilling out to Part II is highly recommended.

    Standing in the tent where they played on the festival, together with a buddy of mine who had urged me to go with him to see Boris, stoned as fuck and slightly drunk - i was amazed. I had never heard Boris before and when Flood began my high climaxed into a mouth-watering eargasm. It was so intense and beautiful that i cannot explain it with words - a fantastic sensation.

    Towards the end of Part II there is a beautiful guitar solo which fades into Part III. The guitar suddenly stops and changes pace and now things are going to get exciting - we are heading for the climax. Slowly and gently building up the guitar soothes you once more with an enchanting spell of psychedelic sounds.

    Some three minutes into Part III, the vocal piece begins. A beautiful Japanese wave of words that you haven't a clue what means - yet they make sense somehow. Everything is still soothingly chillout at the end of the first vocal piece. Now the fun starts.

    The sound keeps getting more and more vibrant as the energy in the music gets more and more powerful. The perfectly distorted guitar roars and tenses you up as it changes pace into a quiet guitar piece that is relieved by a thunderous fury of drums and guitars. It's so beautiful and insanely well organized. At this point your ears will be juicy from the constant eargasm-bombardment as the album climaxes into a Flood of heavenly stoner guitar.

    And just when you think it's over, you are hit with one of what i consider to be the most spectacular vocal pieces in music history. I am not kidding friends - i am stoned as fuck right now, and listening to this vocal piece gets me where i want to be - in a cannabis/music induced extacy.

    After the climax the album slows down and starts to fade out and after some more delightful stoner guitar the song enters it's final part, Part IV.

    This is the outro; almost devinely designed to bring you back down from the rush of Part III. The outro is a quiet and soothing wave of sounds that chill you right out.

    At the end of this 70 minute long joyride you will be left feeling saturated with musical pleasure. I should note though, that this piece takes a long time to fully appreciate. There is no way that you will enjoy it as much the first time as you will after 10 times. Flood is the kind of album that grows on you - it ages like a fine wine. At least, this is my intepretation of the album, and that is how i feel.


    - Boris: Flood | 10/10 or Five Stars out of Five.
    I urge you to get a hold of this album in any way you can.
  2. i just checked them out.. i like!
  3. Glad you do :)
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    I love Boris. Absolutego is one of my favorite songs/albums of all time. Though I haven't heard Flood, it's on my list along with Sun Baked Snow Cave
  6. I have their Pink album, been meaning to get to the others eventually, though Flood just lept to the top of the list to check out. :p
  7. Go listen to it. :)

    Gloom... i tell you man. You'll love it. Just up your alley. So is most of their stuff, also Feedbacker (get that album too).

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