Boring night turned into a fun one...

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoooooner, May 10, 2006.

  1. yeah so last night I was just chillin at home with my roommate, we didn't have any bud, we had money but our dealer/friend wasn't answering.

    Anyways he calls us at about 11 and asks if we wanna chill, we say of course and ask him to get us an eighth each

    Well he stops by and says we should come to his place because a bunch of people are throwing down on a blunt

    So we drive to his place (we chill there all the time) and there were already 5 or 6 people there, and we decided to smoke some roor bowls before the blunt

    Well my dealer pulls out this tray from under his coffee table, and in it he had a nug of white widow, a nug of Sweet Island Skunk, a nug of Strawberry Cough, a nug of AK47, and a nug of Northern Lights. I mean this kid is hooked up...he knows everyone in this town. And I know these strains were legit...well just because I know the kid well enough and the buds looked crazy.

    Anyways he loaded a bowl of Skunk and a bowl of white widow and we blazed that all up...

    Then we all pulled out our sacks and everyone threw down probably a half gram, and my dealer rolled a FAT, probably close to 4 gram blunt of some great dank. We chilled on his porch and blazed it, had lots of rounds of shotguns and basically got retarded high.

    We smoked some cigs and had a couple beers, went inside and we all loaded some more Roor bowls.

    After that we got home around 2ish...another friend calls us up asking if we want to match some bowls...of course we say sure so he comes over and we blaze some bowls and drink some more beers

    Smoked a few cigs on the porch and passed out eventually around 4:15am.

    Well sorry I rambled I'm high as a kite, but that's how my boring night turned into a kickass one...
  2. man now that is a great night you must have been in another world i wish my dealer was hooked up like that :hello::smoking:
  3. Sounds like you had a great nite....and just like BigSmoker, i'm insanely jealous of the hookup you have. My dealer is just your average middle-man trying to make some cash slangin mids. Props on finding a good one!
  4. yeah...well the thing is it's often hard for me to get a hold of those strains, because when they come through they don't come through in large quantities. What I got from him last night was just his normal dank, I guess you could say, but it's still awesome bud and is coated in crystals and wrecks me. Don't know the strain, cost me $45. Those strains listed cost me $55 or $60 when I can get them, though. I had some locally grown sweet Island Skunk last week, here's a couple pix.


  5. That sounds like an AWESOME night! I wish my peoples could get me some herbage like that. Good shit, Em!

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