Boring night tuend into a fun one...

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoooooner, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Yeah so I was sitting here with not much to do when a couple friends stopped by, each had a bag of weed so we had a nice unexpected Roor sesh in my room since I also had some weed left...we got a 30 pack of beer and had 10 each plus some shots of vodka, and then capped off the night with a couple more Roor bowls. I didn't plan on doing anything but now I'm decently drunk and stoned out of my mind :yay: great times.....anyone else do anything exciteing tonight/this morning?
  2. A friend came over and we smoked a half eighth out of the 30"
  3. i did that monday night except only vodka. beer before liquor never been sicker. hope it doesnt come back to bite ya in the ass tomarrow. been there done that.
  4. Being hungover the next day for school is funny. All my teachers are like, 'rough night eric?'.

  5. I wasn't really hungover at all luckily I drank a big bottle of water before I passed out too
  6. the secret to successful to weeknight drinking

    i learned this a while ago

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