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  1. Does NOT mix with depression/anxiety... I know at least some of you know where I'm coming from...

    Or did you ever try explaining to your psychologist/psychiatrist your thoughts on the spiritual aspects of drugs? Oh man that is FUN! It's like "Hey look, society... I'm a psychotic druggie/hippie!"

    I swear It's almost as though I am watching myself become crazy in a 3rd person standpoint, yet I know everything I think about, but can never find the words to explain.

    So ya... music keeps me going, just struggling to grasp onto that one bit of happiness that I can remember... music reminds me that it is not all bad, and reminds me of times when I was happy.

    I have no idea what to say... it's like a mix of depression, panic, anxiety, ADHD, schizophrenia, basically every mental freakin disorder you can think of.... all thrown inside my head.

    So who gives a shit if this post makes any sense at all to you, because It makes perfect sense to me.
  2. Yea man, boredom and idleness fucking eat away at my insides. Kinda like right now.
  3. I'm trying to figure out where the fuck your coming from.....

    Let me try....Are you saying when your bored your not depressed or anxious, or are you saying that depression and all your mental disorders help and enhance your life.......Music being a main one....
  4. You most definitely missed the point.

    It's rediculously complicated... as though I could spend my whole life looking for an answer, and all I would have to show for it, is a million questions.

    Now my depression/anxiety is in it's own category, boredom incredibly enhances it, as well as triggers many things.

    When it all comes down to it... I have to ask myself:

    Am I crazy? Or is it the world that needs changing?

    Am I selfish to think the way I do? Or am I actually right?

    and the final question... Will I even live long enough to find out?
  5. I totally get it now,your boredom doesnt mix with your mental disorders.....

    FYI I ask myself those questions all the time,cause I think I'm pretty much on the ball and everybody else is the ones with the problems...

    Please give some examples on why you feel like that....
  6. Thats the funniest thing... I spend countless hours trying to explain how I mentally and psychically feel... I have always seemed to find it impossible.

    Hopefully one day it will just click... but as for now, I am lost.
  7. omg dude this is all exactly how ive been for the past year.

    i feel you bbro i know exacltly how u feel .

    ive tried to explain it to people but they dont understand. its like its impossibe to put into words .

    colors is a sick song to
  8. Try getting a full time job. Maybe 3rd shift if ya can hack it.

    I felt the same way until i got a job working my ass off 10pm-6am (3rd shift) and then picked up a book in my free time. It just fizzels away after a while and you stop caring.

    Give it a try, it worked for me.

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