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Discussion in 'General' started by bobobobman, Feb 18, 2009.

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    hey everybody, im in this dumbass fucking class with an asian professor that i cant understand a word hes saying and i think hes talking about rows and columns on excel. i cant even express how much i dont give a shit. this is a six week class for 1 credit and i have to learn to use excel YES SO FUN. not at all actually. i am rediculously bored and i have this class three times a week at 11am monday wednesday and friday.

    what the hell can i do to keep myself entertained, today was alright i went through GC for about 40 minutes, but soon im going to have read every thread on here.

    what do you guys do when your stuck bored in a class?

    oh by the way i got all my emails today, the week i get back from break (march 2-march 6) my new roor, my kennaroo slide, and the beeline i ordered will be here! im fucking pumped.

    peace GC

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