Boredom. Photo Edits.

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by *guest, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. I got bored and messed around with some pictures I had laying around in Photoshop.

    It was just for fun but I think some of them turned out pretty decently.




  2. They're not bad, I like the last one the best. Keep it up.
  3. that last one is ill...damn gets me motivated to go and take pictures..keep up the boredom edits bro:wave:
  4. I like the first one, water/reflection pix are always awesome :)
  5. I like the second one with the leaf the best.
  6. your photos or just edits?

    if they're yours then i like 2/4
    if not then :p to you

  7. Yeah, they're all mine. 1 and 4 were ones I originally uploaded unedited. I took the other two a few weeks ago and they were just sitting in my picture folder not being used.

    I don't really bother editing other peoples work, I'd much rather edit my own stuff or whip something up from scratch.

    Thanks for the kind words, folks! :smoke:
  8. The first one's really interesting to me.
  9. nice stuff, would love to see more

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