Discussion in 'General' started by Corn-dog, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. Wow, i am so bored right now. I am moving and i already shipped my car so i got no wheels, the weather is shitty so i can't go swimming or walk to the beach, and my stash is running low i am trying to conserve what i have left so i won't be bored and dry the next couple of days. I also have no cable :( and have $60 late fee on my rental card. I have also played the shit out of all my video games, maybe i'll go buy a new one.

    So give some stuff to do, give some cool websites to check out, i've already read all the new post on gc :), Also if you got any ideas of cool stuff to do let me know.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Yeah im just working and cheefing and now all my cheefing friends are off for their break so its just me lol I dont even think smoking weed is that fun anymore all by myself :(
  3. ^^^


    Go buy or rent NBA Ballers.
  4. AHH smoking by myself is so unexiting and boring lol...I really dont know how you guys do it :D My high is much more intense when I am smoking with people...
  5. we'll i am curing my boredem for the moment, just sparked a bowl of fresh green!! :)

  6. Next time you got no one to smoke with, holla at me.

  7. This website will definetely kill some time, lol, :)
  8. Dont need to go to the interenet to find crazy fuckers.
  9. I went to this website relating to John Titor, and the first post i read was One of the moderators bitching at some one because they said time travel isn't possible. And that him and 2 other mods have traveled back in time to this wordline and that god came and stopped them frim dirvine intervention. Bullshit! :) those guys look sane compared to the constant masterbators.

    If you've ever seen the movie "Best in Show" ppl like that exsist, now there crazy (my moms one of them)! :)

  10. haha ok...btw I almost went to the university of syrachuse but then i realised how cold ur winters are and i was like fk that and went to school in florida :D
  11. Where you moving to?

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