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  1. I am looking for some good ideas of things to do to keep my occupied while the weather is bad. Smoking is a given of course but I need something to keep me interested or else my mind likes to wander.

    I have been watching episodes of House, Family Guy, Cops, Pawn Stars and Fantasy Factory. I have watched movies like Mall Cop, Hall Pass and Iron Man while also playing Portal 2 and Minecraft.

    I am at a loss to figure out anything that can keep me entertained, I have just been loafing around on the internet all day and I am pretty bored at this point.

    Can anyone recommend some good movies/shows/games to rent/download? I usually like most anything I watch, I am easily entertained.

    I don't really have anything to give in it good karma for helping I guess?

    Thanks for any replies!
  2. masturbate.
  3. Checked that one off the list earlier when I was facetiming with the GF on my iPhone.
  4. Explore the city.
  5. Not in Boston right now or else I would. :(

    If it was nice out at all I would probably be outside fishing.
  6. That's what I said I don't want to be doing.

    Looking for some TV Shows or movies to watch.
  7. masturbate again
  8. Experiment with animal porn
  9. All great suggestions, keep em comin!
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    Granny :wave:

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