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Bored while high.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Emily143, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. I've been smoking for a while now. I just got done with a tolerance break and bought a quarter. I mean, I love getting high but it's just starting to bore me. I don't know what to do once I'm high. I usually just chill and watch Netflix on my tv, but for one I've ran out of good things to watch but also a couple months of always just chilling and watching tv gets boring. I usually smoke alone I just prefer it but I often wish I had someone with me. I don't know, I also tend to eat alot after smoking. Like sometimes to the point I'm uncomfortably full. It's starting to ruin weed for me. I mean, I know it's all willpower. I can physically hold myself back from eating if I Really want to. But when I'm high I tend to forget, or even if I do not eat anything or just eat in moderation I spend the whole high wishing I had something to eat so it kinds ruins the high. I'm kinda at a loss with weed right now. Even when I do other things while high like go outside and walk my dog or something the whole time I tend to just think "damn I wanna sit down". I'm not lazy usually, just weed makes me lazy. Sorry for this great wall of text, just ranting still kinda stoned. Any advice?
  2. I prefer music to Television. Music is just a more intimate thing to involve yourself in then colors and images. Buuut if you don't have good headphones maybe you could get bored with that too. I also prefer smoking alone and trying to make an experience out of it. But if your boredom also comes from a bit of loneliness, try getting another boy or girl to smoke with. Boyfriend or girlfriend. Just make sure theyre a good person and relatable and not trying to get you stoned for sex and you're sure to develop some lasting bonds.
  3. If you'd like. Since music has been or less the biggest focus for me every time ive ever got stoned, just let me know what sort of stuff you like and ill throw in some stuff building off of that. Music.., even though is the art created from other people, is still innately personal. In my experience, marijuana helps you discover and rediscover the sounds that naturally make you feel happy, wondered, and intrigued.
  4. Try smoking away from home. Alone or otherwise, smoking in an open/away area from your home will re-stimulate your sense of high.
    I'm wanting to join this club of medical patients who go hiking and biking and medicate together..
    just gotta wait til monday when i have the day off to fix my bike :smoke: 
    So get out there, be active.. remember your days as a child? I'm sure you played outside a lot, why not go to a park? swing on the swings or go to an amusement park or even read a book to stimulate your mind! :confused_2: the choice is yours!
  5. Boooks! Good suggestion. I remember in high school when i first started getting stoned. Read The Alchemist stoned... Fuckin' magical xD
  6. Sounds like me. I dont like to be alone while high too much. I dont really feel my high unless I have someone else there.

    Yesterday I had a huge stomachache because I ate too much.

    I like listening to music and playing games with good storylines instead of watching TV. I do also enjoy movies but mostly at night where it is quiet abd dark and I feel I am in a theater.

    If you'd like and you want someone to talk to while high I am game. I'm looking for people to Skype with but messaging on here or texting is good too. I can PM my details if youre interesred. Im good for about 30 mins to two hours of conversation but then again we dont kniw each other so there might be an awkward moment initially.
  7. I ate a whole XL pizza last night, I know that feel

  8. Is that it Omega? No whacky story about how you got this pizza?
  9. Listen to some new music, sit at a park, go on a hike in the woods with some friends, try to do creative things (Drawing, Making things, etc)
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    if you're bored while high on this wonderful miracle drug that splits dimensions and gives you the answers to life and shit, you're doing it so wrong. or you need to take a several month T break

    you don't need to always be inside the house watching tv like a couchpotato while high. get out.
  11. Too bad your not my neighbor Emily, I'd keep you occupied.   :ey:
  12. Try taking up some hobbies while sober and get into them. If you can enjoy it sober, imagine how awesome it would be high!
    Like previous posts said, walking, drawing, being creative, socialising?
    Play some games! Go and enjoy nature! Really random shit is always good when you're high, the more it makes you laugh the better: but yeh I completely get you, you've got yourself into this rut of doing the same thing and its started to bore you.
    Maybe try fucking, I'm sure ForkedUp2 would be able to help you out ;)
  13. Read!
    There's some phenomenal stuff out there in print. It stimulates your imagination, and makes you smarter.
    Also, obligatory Louis CK bit about boredom:
  14. Emily,
    My advice, find some good music to listen to and go for a walk.  No destination, just go.  I often have panic attacks when I smoke, and the only cure is to go for a walk with my earbuds in and just enjoy things as they are now.  Don't worry about the past or future, just chill and enjoy everything going on now. 

    If you can't get outside (weather), my advice is to find a project and work on it.  Again, some good tunes really help, but what i like to do is find a spot in my home that really needs to be organized or cleaned, put some tunes on, and just work on that for an hour or two.
    You could see if a sober friend could take you out road tripping.  I used to love doing that in college, smoke a bowl and call my buddy, I'd give him 20 bucks for gas and he would just drive while I took in all the sights.  Again, some good tunes with this always helps. 
    Hope this helps.
  15. Mmm I smoke alone all the time. I usually just watch something or listen to music and find myself lost for a while. And I used to eat way too much too, so I decided to try and eat healthy stuff to make it not seem so bad. I'm usually bored as fuck when I'm not high..........
    All about the good speakers bro, get the whole house rumblin!  I really wish I had some baller headphones though.  Santa, will you bring me some bose noise cancelling phones for christmas?
    OP, you need a hobby.  You could post-whore the forums here to start off, OSS can give you some tips there.  Check out pinterest, etsy, instagram, all those outlets to help you find something creative that you'd like to do.  Play some video games.  Go exercise.  Go for a bike ride, a hike, or lollygaggin stroll.
    How about this, decide what you want to do for the day, BEFORE getting stoned.
  17. If you want high quality studio moniter style headphones at a good price for the quality get some AudioTechnica ATH-M50S that's the way to go. Like 150-200$ now
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    but but but noise cancelling.....
    Thanks for the suggestion man, could buy two pairs of those instead of Bose.
  19. Better quality than Bose. o_O don't follow that brand recognition. They make fine speakers and their surround sound TV is pretty sick but no phones man.

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