bored sunday night

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. im bored. I have things I could do, but they bore me. I can usually entertain myself when Im bored, but I dont wanna. so im gonna post this. maybe when I am done, something will happen. a 40 degree temperature increase and spontaneous sunshine would be nice
  2. gahhh

    i just lost my lil tin stash container, that i smoked out of 5 hours ago!!!

    i am kinda drunk so it don't help., but this really pisses me offff i have my own hiding places and its in none of those places, i don't care if family members find it, i just want it.

    gahhh damn u brain
  3. sucks for you man. and i hate sunday nights too. like right now. i am so damn bored. and so damn lazy. gawd i hate it when my brain hurts too man. gawd

  4. haha. I can laugh at that, god knows how many times Ive done it myself.

    thank god for the simpsons. just killed an hour posting randomness in between commercials.

    randomness i say, randomchaos

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  5. LOL, the new episode of Simpsons tonite was so funny!! I can't believe Homer got the deed to the church!
  6. haha, sundays suck for me...oh well, i have a week off from school. **thank god** haha...

    i cant wait untill tuesday though...i get to go to Family Counseling!! woohoo! not...

    damn, i missed the simpsons..once again.
  7. i give up

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  8. sunday night kicks ass here, i got home from work, got lifted and went urban mountian biking, it was sweet i landed some sweet new tricks and just rode for like 3 hours all around town tricking off everything. My neighbor rode with me and he landed some cool shit for the first time and overcome a big hurdle in his skills. I love gettin cakey and just "flying" around town all stoned at night. I just got done building my bike ultra strong and light, and did some custom mods and it's so damn sweet i can now hop up on a 2 foot wall and land balanced on my rear wheel. I busted my ass a few times too, went over the bars, off a wall sideways and smacked my knee on my bike trying to get on a metal picnic table in the park. It's all good tho cause the 'erbsmoke eases the pain all sweet.

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