i made a gravity bong

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  1. Bacardi Select half gallon with a huge bowl piece. Boy am i medicated.


  2. is this where u fill it up with water then drain it? Waterfall is what we call that.
  3. That's awesome. I'm making a waterfall with a Grey Goose bottle. I'm also gonna make a grav with a 1.0 L and 1.75 L Dragonberry. Pics will be posted soon.
  4. I usually just use a 2 liter. and submerge it in water. not a big waterfall guy but i still fuck with them on occasion.
  5. Waterfalls make me cough so hard I get sick. I used to rock them back when sobe had the glass bottles with the weak spot.
  6. My friend and I made a waterfall with a 2 gallon gatorade bottle, we passed it back and forth 3 times from 1 use but the smoke got pretty stale so we trashed it
  7. duuuuuuudddeeeeee......


    no way

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