bored out of my skull, what should i do?

Discussion in 'General' started by qed, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. i'm bored out of my skull sitting here. i'm living in my parents house for the next two weeks (exactly), so i can't blaze until my mom goes to sleep, which wont be until like 10:30/11 or so pacific time (it's only 7:24pm now).

    so, i have some video games, and nothing to do. i do have a car so i might just drive around.

    when you guys are bored and have nothing to do (NOT INCLUDING BLAZING! THAT DOESN'T COUNT FOR THIS!), what do you do to entertain yourself?
  2. I ussually go grab a burger or surf the boob tube. TV can actually be quite the savior when you dno't expect it to be.

    Driving around is fun.
  3. Go streaking!
  4. TV, computer, go for a walk in the grove, go to the height, call up a homie to smoke with, or sleep if i can.
  5. Masterbate? Smoke more herb? Repeat?
  6. smoking crack is always fun
  7. play guitar, play star fox, play halo, take a nap, write, play drums, photoshop some shit or make something stupid in paint.

    and definitely masturbate.
  8. smoke and then masterbate feels alot better after a bowl
  9. I knew you liked crack!:p

  10. it wouldn't be bad. i'd rather have a gram of coke than a rock of crack. that way if i wanted some crack i could make it.

  12. I second that!

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