Bored on Saturday night

Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. As always. no friends call, cell phone got turned off (i use my moms now -_-), i have no marijuana. i got laid off on new years eve eve (my last day was new years eve). so i could buy marijuana, but i only have 16 dollars. still not a problem, but how will i drive around if i have no gas money? *sigh* i need a new job soon, as i have to pay insurance on the 7th of feb. looks like ill be job hunting tomorrow :(

    so what the fuck you do all do when youre bored out of your mind, have no friends, or marijuana? internet gets old.. guess ill go back to playing socom 2 (been playing since 8 am).

    im a loser
  2. I know how it is...

    I've been through many a saturday night with no one but myself. Usually i'd get so depressed that i'd usually snort whatever i could find in the medicine cabinet.. bad idea, bad times... I recently found a few girl to hold onto, and she helps me a lot, with everything. Shes filled in many a loney saturday nights, infact, its where i was tonight. Had to leave early though, doh! Are you in a relationship at all? Maybe having one can help you out, when times turn on ya man... good luck with the job situation....
  3. no, girls dont like coming second to "getting fucked up" i found out.
  4. same thing here,bored just typin random domains to see what comes up,no pot,no girlfriend,i have been in and out of my closet checkin on my grow and talkin to the plants all day,
    i need to go find a job also,but i'm to lazy so that won't happen
  5. hope your grow goes well. back to socom.. i think i may scrape my friends bowl for some resin. when my mom goes to bed of course.
  6. well whats up samus, havent talked to you in a long ass time! well shit man... If you lived near me we could have smoked a fat bowl then chilled with some brew.. alright man have a good nite!!!

  7. youre probably in bed now, but whats up? ya i did have a pretty good night actually, i scraped the pipe and got more than enough resin. then i played socom of course. damn i played it over 29 hours today.... o_O

    hey its saturday :p

  8. You need to find a girl who won't think she's coming second to that because she'll be getting fucked up with you. :) You'll find one...they really do exist! ;)

  9. Very true, there are plently out there.

    Anyway, my saturday night consisted of eating a hash youghert becoming very stoned and at the peak of the youghert i started to smoke my pipe :D

    Hope you all had a great weekend.
  10. You weren't the only one who got laid off. I got laid off until spring at the ice cream joint I work at, because only full time employees work during the fall because of business... I need a new job anyway to get in some extra cash. What I'm thinking of doing is signing up (volunteer) for some e-zines, make some reviews of movies then get together a resume and see if I can get a job... Sound ambitious, but it COULD work...

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