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Discussion in 'General' started by <3, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Soo.. im sat in my bedroom watching tv and i am craving some weed. i only have a bit of schwag and i know my dads weed stash is in the house, i just can't find it and dont know where to look for it any ideas ??
  2. I've had this problem for a week today, I can't afford weed. It only gets worse my friend! :)
  3. It's sooo depressing. I want some sooo bad and i keep smelling it, and i know its my dads weed stash and it just makes it worse :((
  4. You just said you have a little bit of tree, smoke that then post when you are in true need of a buzz
  5. ^ This, some nikkas don't even have schwag.
  6. Dont be an asshole by stealing your dads shit...

    and lol @ "craving" weed :rolleyes:
  7. But i'd prefer not to, i hate it, it barely gets me high. I'm dreading the next week, got no money to buy and cant find my dads stash. It's gonna drag.
  8. Ask your dad where his stash is and if you can have some.

    If you're not willing to do that, then get over it. Don't steal from your dad.
  9. I know i shouldn't but its last resort and i know i feel really really bad after but sometimes i have to to get me through the night :/
  10. do some chores. earn money, do work son.

    buy weed.
  11. Sometimes he offers it me and i smoke it with him. But theres just something that doesn't feel right to me if i just ask him where his stash is. I dunno i have thought about it, it's just gaining up the courage to ask him i guess.
  12. I've had nothing for the last two weeks and today I found £10 in a pocket but I can't decide between getting some weed or getting a bowl… sucks!
  13. See this is when smoking weed starts to look ugly, when you feel like you "need" it every night. I take it you don't have a debilitating medical issue, do you?
  14. As said before, do something.. Sitting doing nothing but complaining will get you no where. Want weed? Get cash, ask to do chores or something. If your dad smokes offer to clean the house or something in return for some weed.. There is no welfare weed my friend
  15. I don't need it if i have something to do. I'm just bored watching tv at home. doesn't get much more boring than this :|
  16. [quote name='"IRawrrr x"']
    I don't need it if i have something to do. I'm just bored watching tv at home. doesn't get much more boring than this :|[/quote]

    You just said you need it to get through the night. Thing is, you don't. You're only bored because you're telling yourself you're bored.
  17. S'pose your right, i do buy it myself alot, i just have no money at the minute. I work, but i dont get paid till the end of the week :'(
  18. I've been dry for two/three weeks and I still gotta wait a week and a day before I get any disposable income, it sucks man, but at least then I can get anything up to an ounce and a quarter
  19. It really does suck man :(, at least i have something to look forward to this week.
  20. Don't steal from your dad.

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