Bored at graduation

Discussion in 'General' started by Mushie, May 31, 2009.

  1. Bored as shit and I'm on my iPhone this graduation at this shitty school sucks.

    What's up.
  2. Sweet congrats on the graduation man, nothin's up just hangin out chillin chillin smokin a blunnnt drinkin some wiiiiinnnnne
  3. congrats man.

    dont HS social functions suck donkey cock? :p

    on the other hand i regret dropping out so i couldve experienced prom and senior trip..
    who am i kidding? i wouldve been a bitter prick just wanting to get high and realizing everyone is a clown.
  4. I'm not graduating. Hah
  5. What? why are you at graduation hen bro
  6. whats that smell?
  7. it smells like teen spirit...
  8. i ended up leaving and smoking some bowls with a few people.

    now i am high.

    I win.
  9. Lol you're nuts man, did you get you're diploma though?
  10. I think what he probably meant was he was at graduation but he just went to watch graduation, he wasnt actually a senior graduating. I could be wrong though
  11. hahah boy i was noddin out at my HS grad. wasnt on nuthin but i was so bored and feelin like an artard in all that polyester and that cardboard hat

    fuck that shit main, me n my boys dipped out after and were rippin tetra all around town, dressed up in our sunday best, reppin shades, fuckin BAKED
  12. Haha, I graduated last week. The ceremony actually went by really quickly...
  13. My friend was hittin whipits at his graduation under his gown. I was on xanax so it wasnt boring.

    Not to mention the afterparty was insane. beer,nitrous,x,ket,tuss,xanies,hydrocodone,and of course Mary Jane.

    By the end of the night I was so fried I could stare at a tree bark and it would morph and give me visuals.

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