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    Well my friend doesn't have anything to do at his house. Usually we do stuff out of his house in town but at his house all we do is sit around and he just sits on his phone while I am bored. Anyways he doesn't like coming over my house because he feels he needs to be in charge and wants to always be at his house because it his rules, he wants to chill right now but I just want to chill at my crib and I told him he can come over but he doesnt want to and he is insisting I come over his house. Anyway he has no xbox anymore or anything to entertain yourself just TV, but at my house I have stuff to do, or atleast I entertain myself alot when I am here because I don't feel bored.

    anyways what should we do or something, do you guys get bored at a friends house?
  2. Smoke, talk, throw a ball/frisbee, watch a movie, go run errands, hit other ppl up, go get food.. Wtf who goes to their friends house to sit apart and watch him on his phone
  3. Bring some shit you enjoy doing to his house. You got an xbox bring it over. Tell him his place is boring and not to make you come over there if he ain't got shit to do or tell him to turn his phone off while chilling so he HAS to find something to do. Nobody will just sit there for hours doing absolutely nothing if their buddy is there. He's too distracted with technology. I used to go to my buddys house and he was ALWAYS on the computer. I turned it off mid game he got kinda pissy but then 10 minutes later we were heading down-town to go to a swimming hole with some hawt bitches.

  4. I dont literally sit there and watch him we will smoke and shit chill but then its just boring.

  5. Yea I am usually always busy with my laptop if im bored his is broken so we just sit around till we find something to do. It just sorta gets boring after a while I just do not wanna go back into town and do nothing. Unless we skate of course
  6. House is a word.
  7. ^^skatings a good idea, thats always fun and you get to get out of the house
  8. that is boring.. if he doesn't want to go out then he's not on your level! don't get back down to his level and feel like a downer. just do what you want.
  9. Ask him why he doesn't want to go to your house?
  10. Hahahaaaaaaaaaa I use to play this in 2nd grade recess!
  11. Tell him he can sit on his phone at your house while you play xbox!
  12. Wouldn't that be funny if he was on GC on his phone all the time, and is reading this.

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