bored as fuck

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokenCat, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. how bout you just tell me weird facts or like your latest google searches. those are always funny.  :confused_2:

  2. google search:
    "I have pimples on my ballsack am I dying?"
  3. My latest google search washow to peel akiwi

    Getting high and gonna eat a crap ton of kiwi once it ripes in a few days ;)

    Sent from my bed naked
  4. @[member="TimeIsMoney1"] i was jussst talking about getting stoned and eating kiwis the other day! one of my favorite fruits :) still haven't done that.. i bet it's amazing.
  5. @[member="DJSandaS"] i mean your latest searches lol not suggestions, i most definitely will not be searchin for that. but thanks for the .. suggestion? :)
  6. Cut a little bit off the top and bottom with a paring knife, so it can stand flat. Then carve the skin off while holding the top to keep it steady.
    This should cure your boredom OP.

  7. What a brilliant first post.
  8. Epic, in an utmost fashion.. I, sir, would shake your hand, but you have probly been poppin ballsack pimples all nite.. Shittin a monstrous nightmare combination of steak, baked potatoes, and pepperoni.. Fire in the hole, I think I even just cried, but then I read your post and my tears turned to laughter.. Might I suggest KY instead of Crisco?
  9. you just had to post some vice documentaries and my ADD will not let this go unnoticed lol. The africans in the moonshine one just look so fuckin grateful for their booze it makes me laugh.
  10. You're bored? Smoke a blunt to yourself.. you'll find something to do
  11. My latest sarch was " pork rinds"
  12. Yeah, that one is crazy. All they do all day is drink that and get shitfaced, then kill a goat or whatever animal it was.
  13. Sounds like the Africans around where I live.
  14. You guys peel your kiwis?lmaooo my last google search was Chance The Rapper Acid Rap if I remmember correctly

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