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bored as fuck and no weed in 2.5-3 months

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrdelta9, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. wat can i do 2 pass the time?
  2. I'm dry man, I've been playing guitar all day pretty much to get my mind off of it ahah, but honestly the best way I find to get my mind off of shit is to go out with some friends man go to a movie or something.
  3. job, study, read, find a hobby, exercise, socialize.
  4. This to. lol But when I chill with people it always gets my mind off things so.
  5. Depends what you like doing. Rent a movie or something, watch tv, listen to music, browse the web, read, make some food, go for a walk.

    I'm dry, too, and pissed off.
  6. Whenever I'm dry like now (I'm usually out only for a few days at a time though) I like to treat the time as a t-break, and I'll concentrate on saving some money and making plans with friends to go places, which I usually neglect when I'm high. When I pick up again I'll have a lower tolerance and some extra cash to spend on a new bong so it's all good. :D

    3 months is a long time dude, but I'd probably think much the same way.
  7. watch grass grow

  8. All my friends smoke.
  9. Socialize, you can't tell me none of your friends toke. And if not, make some that do.

    If your trying to stay away from smoking mary J, then just go hang out with people, get a girlfriend, workout\run, start playing a sport(ride motocross!),get a job, shit man you can do a lot with your spare time besides sit behind the cpu and toke.

    I hate how people make it seem like life is borring without pot, umm, you lived X ammount of years without it a few months wont hurt!

    Although when i was on probation it did suck. I mean onne or two tokes a weekend just to forget all the stress and kick back and relax is always nice. You appreciate it a lot more then smoking 24\7
  10. do what you did for the past 2.5-3 month
  11. Beat off :smoking:i couldnt be sober for that long
  12. Drop a 5 and smoke with your friend(s).
  13. grow some herb
  14. why no weed in 3 months exactly???
  15. video games
    drawing doodles
    watching shin chan
    having a sword fight with a tree using your pecker.

    Those are all good starts as to what to do for boredom. You could also go somewhere and meet new people.
  16. This haha i'm trying to go sober so im picking up a new hobby, botany :smoking:
  17. Yea, make new friends in the area, drop a 5 and smoke
  18. Step 1. Xbox 360 with Live
    Step 2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    Step 3. Turn Xbox on
    Step 4. Enjoy

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