Borders Book Store and drug testing.

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    Hey GC so tomorrow is my first day at Borders Book Store since they were the only ones really hiring in my area and honestly I am kinda nervous. I read originally that they didnt drug test which made me happy but now I am getting some responses or answered questions that Borders does infact drug test. Does anyone know?

    Also on a site that listed the places that do drug test, I think the majority(crosses fingers) only does testing for pre-employment. Does that mean someone who is about to work is tested before anything is finalized? And since I am starting tomorrow does that mean that I probably wont be tested for sometime?

    I dont know if this is going to help, but when I went in for the interviews I dressed more or less with good looking jeans, white t shirt under a J crew button up shirt. I acted polite and looked well kept. I am Asian and I dont want to pull the whole race card here but in my area and surrounding area, asians are thought to be those really smart nerdy students. Maybe because the manager and the assistant manager saw that I was asian they didnt bother with a pre employment drug test? Also in the area I am at the area is quite wealthy so again people here consider asians as "good" people. I hate the discrimination but does GC think in this case it might have saved me?

    Answers would be great, thanks GC!
  2. Hey man, I know obviously its too late to answer your question. But I was searching for info on a Borders drug test and found this. So what happened, did they test? Im in mid interview process myself and I was just wondering since they havent mentioned it yet.

    As far as I ever knew, theyd do the testing before you work at all. So if you're in the store working, there would be no testing. But I have no idea if I'm right. Hah, was I?

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