Booze or Pot?

Discussion in 'General' started by XZit, Mar 30, 2004.


Booze or Pot?

  1. Booze?

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  2. Pot?

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  1. Ya so what do you prefer? Booze or pot?
    I prefer pot becuase I 1.) don't become someone I'm not (really rude and everything) 2.) I can actually walk and function and make a fucking 3.) I don't puke
    4.) I don't have hangovers--and I just overall feel cleaner.

    Anyhow what are you personal thoughts? Pot or booze? What would you choose and why?

  2. Well, you are on a pot message board, so I think your responses will lean towards my vote too :smoke:
  3. lol---well yes responses will mostly be pot--but I still want to hear some peoples opioions on the matter. (why or why not they like pot compared to booze)


  4. im under control when im smoking weed. just as if i was sober.

    when im drunk... its another story :D

    when im stoned i never decide it will be a good idea to walk up to that babe and say "Hey therrrrrrrrrrrrrre, babeh" and put my arm around them. hahahah.

    when im drunk, oh maybe ill do that 3-4 times a ni... make that an hour :p

    sorry if you were one of those girls whom i bothered heheh.

    weed is good! and always makes you feel better!

  5. lmao, so that was you!!! i get that all the time lol! it can sure make a gal feel good when a youngin is trying to hit on you lol! as long as they're not hangin on ya;)

    hey, i'm goin to b.c. soon! but i'm going to whistler, no kids, no hubs...yeeeehaawwww! i wish we did have grasscity t-shirts, so if we did by chance bump into someone from here we could schmoke one!

    anyways, yeah i'm not much of a drinker, takes to much outta me.i'm sick for like 3 days. but i do have fun when i do drink. but pot mmmm mmmm goood;)
  6. pot duhhhhhhh
  7. If I just want a little change in my head I'll stick with pot. If I really want to get fucked up then I'll drink, but I almost always smoke when I'm drinking.
  8. I prefer getting high over getting drunk.

    When im high, I dont make a complete ass out of my self. A few months ago, my freind video taped me when I was drunk (that bastard, lol) and I watched it in the morning. The things I did, and said was just..dumb. Then I threw up, and felt like complete shit.

    When im high, I have fun. Relax, listen to music, go out for a walk, etc etc.

    Best thing about getting high over drunk is not having those horrible side effects. Such as head ache, and stomache ache.
  9. Not only do I prefer herbage because of how it affects me, I prefer it because it hasn't affected my life near the way alcohol has. My father died when I was 15 years old from Cirrhosis of the liver, and one of my brothers was killed by a drunk driver about 3 years ago.

    the guy that hit my brother was only 19 years old. Me and my other brother and a sister went down to where the boy was being held and spoke on his behalf. It was hard to do, but we didn't want to see some young kids life ruined because he fucked up. The kid had a full time job, and went to school full time with an A average. He had never been in trouble before. When I was his age, I had done the same thing he had, ( Drove severly inebriated ) but I was lucky and never had a wreck or hurt anybody because of it. ( Thank God )

    It was very hard to speak on his behalf, but everytime I would see him or think of him I kept picturing me in his place. I know he felt horrible, and that he didn't do it on purpose. He knows that because of his actions, three little kids will never see their daddy again. And to a good person ( and I believe he is one ) that is a pretty tough thing to live with for the rest of your life.

    Sorry about the bummer post guys, bet you didn't expect anything like this.
  10. Both drugs are good for different situations.
  11. lol 22-0.....i think weed definitely wins
  12. whatz booze?

  13. lolz ur joking right? im high lets have sex

  14. Good old Alcohol.

  15. Tell me who you would rather be with?

    A man who is completely insane and will fight with anyone at the drop of a hat.Someone who if you as a friend try to stop him fighting will then turn on you.Someone who goes looking for the biggest hardest looking ape in the place and picks a fight with them.


    Someone who is chilled,relaxed,chatty,friendly and funny.

    The first one is me on booze,the second is me when stoned.
    I haven't been drunk for a couple of years now and I intend to keep it that way.

  16. Well for a start every weekend all the people i go around with drink and smoke, they combine both drugs and have a laugh, but yea i know what you mean, a really drunk person is very annoying to be around but a really stoned person is just funny.

    The way your talking there it seems your are saying people cannot drink without being complete and total assholes, that's my perception of you and your view on alcohol, most weekends all my mates and i get pissed and don't fight with people, just chill out and talk shit.

    Mind you, buckfast is a totally different thing from regular beer or anything.
  17. Alcohol (lol funny spelling huh?) is a nasty thing... I don't mean in taste, although it ain't great. But in what you become and do while you're drunk. Being buzzed is okay, and getting drunk sometimes isn't bad, but you really don't have much if any control over yourself when you're dunk. When I get drunk I often do something I wish I hadn't, and sometimes I realise that I shouldn't have right after I did/said it, but it's too late and someones fist is in my face or someones opinion of me changes to something negative. It's hard for me to drive safely when I'm drunk, but when I'm stoned I can drive just *fine* depending on how high I am (*a little slow sometimes, but safely*).... If I'm out there REAL FAR (la la land - as my mother calls it), especially at night it's hard for me to drive safely, mainly because of peoples headlights either on my rear or coming at me, and I have a tough time keeping the car on my side of the road.... So I try to avoid driving at night, except in the summer... because Alaska is the land of the midnight sun.
    I guess that about covers why I don't like alcohol much, and it's comparison to weed when driving.

    As for why I like weed... I feel good when I'm high, I think of some really funny things, I stimulate my mind more than I would if I was drunk or not high, music sounds much better, I think of some deep things (some don't neciserily make sense though), I enjoy things more, I find it easier to do repetitive labor intense things (like shoveling or digging or hiking, etc), if I only take a hit or two (depending on plant) I am a better shot - because I'm calm and relaxed yet not impaired, I have a higher love/care for things, I'm not violent (unlike alcohol) but rather peaceful, I can humor myself with simple things like the sky or just looking at the world around me, I can calm down and get perspective if I'm in a bad mood, I'm a more enjoyable person to be around, I enjoy writing and reading, I sometimes don't make the best decisions when I'm high - like doing something totaly assbackwards - but it's good to screw up sometimes and remember you're not perfect, and well, this list can really go on and on and on....

    Why I like getting drunk... Just that, to get fucked up.
    Oh, and in terms of how you act when you're drunk, there is a difference... like wine is somewhat of an equal with weed and makes you rather calm. Alcohol makes you into an ass and a bigshit loudmouth. And liquor is quicker.
  18. Are we related dude. lol

    That all sounds so familiar,toke till I die is my motto,I just don't like booze much.
    Speaking from experience I know the likely hood of aggro is higher when you have a group of drunks than with the same group when stoned.

    That's just the way it is.

  19. That's the point though, minus the throwing up. When you get drunk, and everyone else is drunk, anything can happen, and it all has the possibility to be fun/funny. It's like a fun and exciting adventure to see what f'd up stuff you can accomplish that you would never do sober. We all need stories to tell when we're old, ya know?

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