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Booze Hound

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, May 6, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, ok some of you can relate to some HARD CORE drinking right!!!

    Well done a little this morning and doing it All night....and I must say feeeeeeeeeelllllllllliiiiiiiinnnnnnggggg goood oh yes I am.

    Had a few Carolin's this morning and of coarse it waqs hard to keep.....

    well you know who....

    out of the....let's say picture.

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  2. I used to ahve a dog that loved beer. Whenever dad finished a can he'd throw it on to the floor and she'd lift it up and tip it and lick the hole. It was pretty funny to watch.
  3. lol, its good to see another crazy peron/people hehe that love their dog much as i do..ya dont give em awhole bunch but they loooove the crap.

  4. Yer dog has fine taste for coffee enhancers!

    Gotta be careful drinking Carol's coffee though.

    Nothin worse than a drunk who won't go to sleep!:)

    Been there. Done that. May again!:)
  5. i was feeding my neighbours dog beer and cheap whisky a few nights back. quite funny.

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