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    Greetings and salutations everyone. For those of you who don't know me, which is everyone, my name is Supermike and this is my first grow attempt. I've been lurking in the forums for about two years now I think, collecting info and talking to some advanced minds before I finally tried anything. Well now it is time to begin, graduation has come.

    Grow Room
    4 15W CFL 6500K
    150W HPS and MH lamp

    The photos are in my gallery I don't know how to put them in here. Maybe one of the mods can help me.

    Oh and feel free to ask questions, and thanks in advance for all the advice I know I'm going to get.
  2. Well I think I figured it out myself we'll see. But the first picture is just the outside and the vent. The second on is a view of the interior. Third is a close up, and fourth is a view of my shelf.

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  3. This is the construction of my box at various stages from beginning to end. I got the metal grate things from target for like thirty or so. The plastic was laying in the basement, I had to order the mylar and nutes. It's been a pretty low budget expenditure, probably around 200 or so.

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  4. Wow, I HAVE THOSE CAGES, would have never thought of that. Guess what, IDEA STOLEN, lol. Looking good buddy. If I could have made one suggestion it would have been to tight stretch the mylar and put it on the inside of the caging so your light is not lost at all. Keep threading your grow man, looks awesome.
  5. Yeah, it was difficult to string that mylar up by my lonesome lol, but I think it turned out alright. I planted my little seedlings yesterday after i spotted taproots but i still don't see any sprouts. How often do you need to water when you're germinating?

    My HPS light came in today so I'll have to get some pictures once I get it hung up. How long are you supposed to leave a light on for when you first get it?

  6. Good Luck with ur New Venture, we can learn here a lot, but I have to tell you I won in low Budget my Whole budget was like 36 to 50 with a couple of stuff I keep ! But urs looks a lot better ! lol

    Happy Growing !
  7. Run @ 18 light, 6 off. It will work good. 20 inches from the tops of seedlings, 18 inches from the tops of decent sized plants.
  8. I set up my new HPS that came fedex today, my MH bulb will be here tomorrow. But here's another picture after i changed the setup a little bit. My seedlings aren't sprouting yet so I figured I would move the lights down a little bit. I turned on the HPS for some warmth and I gave them a little more water this time, how long should it take to start seeing the sprouts?

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  9. These are mid grade seeds I got from a friend, I'm waiting on my seeds from dr chronic to get here, hopefully they get here next week. I ordered some lowlife autoflower seeds with different phenos, so it should be interesting. But I figured while I was waiting I could mess around with these seeds. Could I give them a little nute to try and jump start growth?

    I think I'm gonna go spark one up:smoke:
  10. Well i just checked my cab for the night and I spotted one little sprout! I'm so excited it's stupid, I can only imagine what happens next. I'll have some new pictures for you tomorrow, after I get my lamps all set.
  11. So my MH bulb came in today but it's not warming up it just stays glowing a little bit. Who can tell me why this is happening?
  12. Alright no MH bulb, that was my fault. So here's the new light setup for my little ladies. I'd appreciate some input or even criticism.

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  13. I just checked the cab for the night and I have two little girls sprouted! Here's some close ups of the two. Such exciting times!

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    hell yea, congrats !! before you know it you'll be smoking em!
  15. When I woke up this morning I got a call from a friend saying he was bringing me a three week old plant. And when I looked in the cab, I had 5 sprouts up! Good day so far.

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  16. Thats Good ! I'll be watching the new one too
  17. At the end of day 2, I have six sprouts and a new teenager in the cab. I guess things are going well if I say so myself.

    When do the wiser people think I can start adding nutes?

  18. Give them two weeks and then you start
  19. Thanks buddy, man I hope my girls grow better than this thread!
  20. Hey, what's up mike? Thanks for the comment in my profile recently :cool:

    I really don't have much to suggest, to be honest. From the pictures and your description it appears that you are doing well, and your setup is supporting life. The Cannabis plant is great about teaching its grower. Just listen to them, and you will learn.

    Don't be discouraged about your grow journal, and the amount of replies you receive. Keep a grow journal for yourself, not for anyone else. It is a wonderful way to keep track of your progress, to keep yourself motivated, and to reflect upon at the end (as you are smoking the fruit of your labors).

    I will check in on you as you grow. I am the master of puns! :cool:

    Good luck dude :cool:

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