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boos or bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Dec 29, 2002.


Boos or bud

  1. Boos (any ,beer jack etc)

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  2. bud

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  1. which one do u do u like more?
  2. I drink when im out but Ill never pick boose over bud.
  3. yeah... i like being stoned much more.... cause even when your totally wrecked .. i am still control myself ....
  4. haha at first i thought this was another weed vs pussy thread..

    bud, definitely

    drinking is fun sometimes.. but blazing pretty much goes with everything
  5. boos? like halloween boos? haha...the only way i've ever seen it spelled is booze...but that doesn't matter. no booze, just bud
  6. So uh..what did you expect asking on a marijuana forum..haha :)
  7. If I had to choose one or the other, I would choose weed, but I usually end up doing some of both.
  8. I usually prefer bud over booze, but it really depends on the situation. Whats a party without kegs of ice-cold goodness.
  9. I hate vommiting, and I sometimes vomit after bong rips, but I vomit more when I drink... And drinking gets you fat quick
  10. i don't drink. ever since i took my little trip to the ER from drinking too much too fast i can't bring myself to drink anymore.
  11. Damn 100% percent i mean buds the best but the reason why i think bud is better is cause theres more supplys and alwasy around and can go smoke ofter a night of alot of smoking the next day and feel fine
  12. I like to smoke and drink at the same time. The weed really helps me from puking. But if I had to choose one or the other I would have to pick the ganja.
  13. It's got to be bud all the way.

    We'll imbibe on occasion but alcohol gives me
    headaches and it doesn't take much to give me
    a buzz so I usually end up a bit hungover.
    I just don't like what it does to my body.

  14. Yukon Jack Well it's not whiskey but it sips damn fine anyway.
  15. it would really depend on the situation, which friends i was with, what plans i had coming up and shit like that. i would pick pot most of the time but if i was with certain friends i would pick beer because thats what they do. i dunno its weird and i cant think straight because i just had three bowls my good man, adios
  16. i would take bud over booze any day it is so much more fun to be high than drunk
  17. Have to go w/the Bud on that one!

    Drinkin is cool on ocassion when ya wanna get laid or sumthin! lol but u can't drink every nite it would get old.. Not weed though it never gets old and u can smoke it for hours and feel great the next day.
    on 420 me and my friend smoked from 9am until 6am man talk bout some great shit!
  18. I've had a little anti-alco pro-herb campaign going on for a while now... i think theres a couple of pictures in my website's gallery that present my stance on this better than i could with a few words here.

    i'm not sure it works right now though. i need to renew my subscription.
  19. I love how everyone chose bud, and for good reasons too. The bud is just so, satisfying in every aspect. EVERY aspect, there is no way that it isn't good. Drinking will make you become very sociable, but there is a point where you have drunk too much and then you are stuck with the after effects which are quite bad.

    Let me just say, you can't die from bud, and it just tastes better!
  20. Sorry for bringing this old topic back to the top, but I just HAD to reply...

    Bud all the way! Drinking makes me puke, bud makes me feel incredible. Drinking makes you feel full, bud makes you want to eat. Drinking can taste like shit, bud tastes awesome. It's easier to get bud than booze. AND, smoking is just so much more fun.

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