Boondock Saints 2: Saints Day.

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Visi0n, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - The Boondock Saints 2 Trailer![/ame]

    Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009)

    So, seeing as how Mr. Duffy is writing this, i believe it will be a wonderful flick. Any thoughts GC?
  2. hmmmm
    ill watch it n hope for the best but its very easy to fuck this kinda thing i mean its a classic but well see i guess
  3. Damn right I'm gonna see it
  4. I LOVE the Boondock Saints and I have been waiting for the sequel. I cannot wait.
    Albeit, Willem Dafoe really makes that movie, and I'm disappointed not to see him in the sequel.
  5. something tells me this will suck ass.
  6. Don't say that! This sequel was 10 years in the making. It could be legendary.

    It could also really suck.
  7. I don't know how I feel about this...
  8. I have a really good feeling about this:D
  9. imma see it.
  10. it was written at the same time as the original they just had some court trouble bullshit so it took way too long...but i have faith that it will be amazing

  11. since you seem to have knowledge of what happened, maybe you can enlighten me to what happened?

    and was this filmed back then, or just written?

    either way i'm gonna see it. i loved the first one.
  12. sequels mostly suck. i love the first one. I'll still watch the new one though...
  13. I will admit, most sequels are fail. But, i have hopes for this one. The same cast as the original flick, Same writer/director, and judging by the trailer posted, seems too be shot in the same style as the first.

    I don't see many films in theaters, but come October 30th, i will be.
  14. I have hopes as anyone else does, as I do doubts. I agree with the above said about Dafoe. The first a classic for sure, I own it and watch it often. Let us see...
  15. gonna see this for sure just hope they dont ruin it .:love:
  16. i loved the first

  17. Definitely.

    And they decided that the chick from Dexter who can never catch her breath would be a good replacement?! :p

    Really, though. She kinda reminds me of the kid in the wheelchair on Malcolm in the Middle. :poke:

    And why'd they have to throw that 4th guy in there? What a cliche sequel thing to do... Oh, we killed your friend in the last one, so here's a new guy that kinda looks like him.
    Why couldn't it have just been the two brothers and their old man? Why do we need random expendable guy? :hide:

    I'll still watch it though. :smoking:
  18. I think it looks cool
  19. pretty crappy trailer if hadnt seen the first i wouldnt give a shit
  20. I cant wait to se it and I personally am not worried at all about it being horrible. Same director cast everything! I have three tattoos from the first movie, I own the movie in all three formats. (VHS, DVD, Blur-ray) I cant wait to see it.

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