Booms micro grow log. Comments/critisism welcome. Cfl grow. (Now with pics)

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    Booms Grow Log

    Well after countless days of lurking and reading. I signed up to the forum. Had some questions answered. Did lots of searching. I decided a micro grow was the way to go. I gutted a pc. But I couldn't get the light leaks solved. So my wife took it over as a strawberry planter...

    I then built a new new box. (pics coming soon), its just a tad bigger than a pc case. 22x20x10.
    Currently has 3 cfls (23w). Will be adding 2 more when I start LST/SCROG.

    Germinated some AK47 seeds that were donated. (mar 29/11, they sprouted from the seed mar 31/11.) Planted them in soil today. Now I wait and see if they spout the surface of the soil...

    Apr 1/11 -Well, it broke the soil last night. Its now under 3 CFLs. Im adding two more today.

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    Should I go 12/12 or 24/0 with the lights for now?
  3. Would a dimmer switch for 120v work on 12v adapter for my fans? They're too loud full blast, I'd like to slow them a bit.
  4. I would go 12/12 since you have limited space. But you could do 18/6 for a while and LST it.
  5. Raise. That. Cup.

    Get the cup and seedling right up under the CFL light. Like a few inches away. This will prevent initial stretching and produce a much more compact plant. If you look at my grow here, I set the lights reeeeally close to my seedlings when they popped and it resulting in some very short, stocky plants.
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    Well, here it is one week from seed.

    I raised the cup and have watered twice.
    I plan on transplanting to the big pot next weekend. I'm in Canada so FFOF is unavailable. I'm just going to use a generic organic soil. with a perlite mix.

    I have my plant on a 12/12 light schedule. Could I change it to 18/6 or just leave it 12/12?

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  7. subb'd

    and i would go with what vanuzzaud said, 18/6 and lst
  8. Dont know how big your trying to make it but i would do a week or 2 of 18/6, will make a hell of a difference than starting from 12/12.
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    Thanks guys, I'll start again with 18/6 as soon as I get some more seeds. My lights fell last night and burned my plant. Its looking pretty bad... I don't know how long the bulb was on top of it. Mabye it'll come back. I'll keep updating. If anything happens.

    In the mean time I'll be on the hunt for seeds to start up another micro LED grow based on Loki's DoG setup. The only difference mine will be inside a PS3 shell. It died so I gutted it. Now I'm gonna grow in it.
  10. Got me some more seeds.

    Germinating now.

    Lights have been repaired. NO MORE PROBLEMS!!
  11. A ps3 shell ?! I have seen micro but no way .:devious:
  12. New seeds are germed and in soil. Ak48(1) and kush+ice(2).
    They should break the surface either today or tomorrow. Im gonna keep all 3 in my growbox in top post under 4 cfls until Im ready to transplant. 2 weeks or so. Im workin on two other grow boxes at the moment.

    Ill put up some pics when they all have sprouted.

    Also added mylar to my original box.

  13. Check out Loki's Drop of Green. If mj can be grown inside an AMP can. Why not a PS3?? Itll have more headroom. And ive got like 50 extra kush/ice seeds. Why not?:smoke:
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    So my seedling is reaching to the lights??? Like really stretching to only like 2 inches from it... The tips are burning, sorta i think... My box is in my shed and its cold outside. Toasty in the box, around 75 or so....

    Any ideas?

    Also I moved her into the house for a few days, problem here is.. Now shes under a makeshift LED rig I used for moonlights on my fish tank... 4 Cool blue and 2 Clear/whites... I dont know if this is going to help or make things worse.

    I already lost 2 seedlings. One due to my lights falling on it. The second one sprouted and couldnt shed the shell...
  15. looks nice, check my grow, look how mich growth in 1 week and today being day 10. The lights have been 2inches away at all times and in a 20/4 schedule :) short and stalky ... i like this tho . ill keep checking in :)

  16. The plant is doing great in my PS3.
  17. pics?
  18. There is a link in his signature....
  19. I moved my plant back into my growbox. The temps are perfect now.

    This was 4 days ago.

    Adding current pics when I get home.

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