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  1. So traded 5 .25mg Xanax for an 1/8th of shrooms. They're in chocolate right now and im wondering how to get the most from them when i do take them.
    Smoking while on them good or bad?
    i heard something about orange juice?
    I have Xanax i could take but pref. not since i actually need that shit.

    let me know
  2. save the xanax, you would be pissed if you accidently fell asleep and forgot a good portion of your trip

    bud is a must imo, makes it easier mentally and enhances your trip
  3. Dont take Xanax! from what I know xanax and milk will kill your trip. dont do that!

    Weed tho, smoke it, everytime im on shrooms I gotta have weed or I just get shitty.

    I love shrooms in chocolates...
  4. If it's your first time tripping, I'd recommend eating a half to a third of the eighth so you come up a bit more gently and ensure comfort in your new found state of conciousness. Once you realize how wonderful it is, eat the rest! :) Yes, smoking is not only acceptable it is encouraged, generally it enhances visuals and relaxes one. It can change the "feel" of your trip too, as if you changed the channel. (In a good way, mind you).

    Save the xannies for when you need them.
  5. down the whole 8th smoke weed... and if u start FREAKING take a xanax.... ur gonna have a magical time
  6. alright thanks guys. any tips on eating them? i hear really chew them up? orange juice anyone?
  7. Yea chew em up good, but theyre chocolates so that shouldnt be bad.

    I only drink OJ when rolling, but Im pretty sure it wont do HARM.

    ALSO! Dont know if you can get it, but GHB brings ur trip down too, dont take it.
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    when i had shrooms my friend pretty much MADE me eat them with orange juice. idk why, kill the taste maybe?
  9. Stay super stoned the whole way through.

    I'm on mushrooms now (just starting to come up) so this may be hard to explain but today I figured out why I need weed with shrooms.

    I really love acid and acid operates by binding to serotonin receptors and dopamine receptors (among others) whereas shrooms work almost solely through serotonergic pathways. This explains why acid always brings my mood up whereas shrooms by themselves generally do not.

    However, when I combine shrooms and weed (which causes dopamine to be released) I have a pleasant trip not too dissimilar to what I generally experience on acid. I'm assuming this is because this way I stimulate not only the serotonin receptors, causing me to trip balls, but also the dopamine receptors, causing me to feel happy and euphoric.

    Besides, it will decrease your nauseau markedly.
  10. Also, wow you got a really good deal.
  11. To the OP, just chew for awhile on the chocolate before you swallow. And regarding orange juice? While that may be a good idea, orange juice and chocolate together is screaming upset stomach to me, idk.

    Not to hijack the thread or anything, but since this one is already regarding shrooms, for experienced users: if you're going on a nature walk (which is supposedly one of the best things you can do i suppose), does the weather need to be ideal?
  12. I wouldnt want it to be TOO hot, but other then that nah.

    Rain would be crazy probably haha.

    My first time taking shrooms I was in the woods at night time walkin around with friends. Ended up thinkin I was in a war, was scary @ first but when I realized how fucked up I was, I was fine lmao
  13. People say OJ enhances the experience cause it has vitamin c, which for some reason people thinks makes you trip harder.

    sounds like a myth that is only there because of the placebo effect
  14. It kills the taste and the vitamin C in the orange juice actually brings the effects of the shrooms on quicker. First time i did booms i was expecting effects to start about 45-60 mins in. At 60 mins i was already admiring the lovely sparkles rolling off the numbers of my phone. I felt a physical effect at about 30 min and visuals started at about 45 mins. I wasnt to worried about time so they could be off a bit but booms are one of my fav.
  15. I can't believe someone traded you an 8th of shrooms for approx. $2 worth of xanax, lol. Nice.

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