Boomers FTW! Huge pics sorry

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by turdo, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Got 4.1 grams for 26 dollars! Best deal I have ever gotten on anything. Originally was suposed to be 10 a gram but he lowered it cause im a good friend + he needs to get rid of them before he leaves for college. Anyways enjoy some pics. Strains: Golden Teacher and Ecuadorian

  2. nice let me know how those are man i'm looking into getting some golden caps
  3. Heh heh, your name is turdo, heh.



  4. bump? any comments on these puppies :smoking:
  5. From experience, i've found smaller ones to be much more potent, tell me how these turn out though :) Nice looking shrooms btw:hello:
  6. i dont know why you bumped it....but,
    they look alright to me. The price seems pretty good, what was the extra dollar for? lol

    that big stem looks bruised along the side - is it blue/purple or blackish/greenish?
  7. I need to give em another chance, only time I was way out of my element and things didn't go the best. I also didn't really know what to expect and let myself get overwhelmed. Enjoy man :hello:
  8. Extremely nice. +rep
  9. Shit, those teachers look tasty as fuck. Your balls are gonna be tripped right off. You eating them all at once?
  10. lol turdo

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