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    Trip Report

    Posted that picture on the come up.

    (all times are subject to be wrong as hell because i was tripping ass. and i unplug all the clocks in my house when i trip, once on acid i realized that time meant nothing and it was man made. now whenever i trip i don't care about time)

    7 grams of mushrooms, grinded up and made into tea. i was gone for about 5 hours maybe 6. very intense trip. extremely visual. strong closed eye visuals. things completely manifested themselves behind my eyes.

    the first hour of the peak, i was speeding balls. I have this surround sound system in my bedroom that i hook my computer up to for music, i was playing a "tripping" mix i made, had a lot of ambient soulful stuff it was blaring through my entire house. it felt like one of my first mushroom trips, i was walking through my house noticing the small things of life. for example, the way the little cloth knots are on a beach towel. i was really fascinated by that last night.

    the second hour i was still speeding but i really wanted to listen to some different music so i started going through my vinyls and it took absolutely forever for me to pick an album and i finally rested with Miss Ohio's Nameless by Why? which was an amazing choice, because after i put it on my peak leveled out and i stopped speeding balls and i started writing.

    about 45 minutes into hour two i decide to change the music again. since that is only an EP it was over and i was listening to silence for a while and didn't notice because i was getting really into my writing. so i stopped writing and put on the Madeline Peyroux vinyl and laid on my floor and closed my eyes and took in the album. i don't know how long i was there but i went on vacation in my own mind for a little while.

    by the time i got up i was really disoriented because i just tripped out really hard for i don't know how long, but the vinyl was over. i'm not sure what happened during my little trip out but i felt the overwhelming desire to shower. so i did. and it was awesome, that's something i recommend everyone do once, shower while tripping. it makes you feel so good.

    so after i showered my trip was coming to an end so i put on a hoodie and went into my backyard and enjoyed the evening while smoking the pre-rolled joints for the trip. i probably had about 6...:smoking: haha.

    about 5th or 6th hour i was pretty sober. it was a very good mush trip.

    i've been sober for a little while now, sitting here, watching a movie. smoking a bowl. probably going to sleep for a little while here shortly.
  2. plus rep! nice reporting back too dude not many do!

  3. thanks man. it was a good trip, and i love reading trip reports, so i figured i might as well post my own. even if no one reads it at least i forever have a picture of my mush and a trip report to keep my memory sharp.
  4. Sounds like you had a good time. I'm surprised you came down that fast for such a large mushie dose. Glad you had fun. :hello:

  5. i've never had a trip last longer than 7 hours. i think i just have a naturally high tolerance. this is the 6th time i've eaten a quarter.
  6. Looks like some good mushies and that you had a nice trip.
  7. those shrooms look yummy...

    last time i tripped was in march and oh man..
    i remembered so detailed things happening at my trips while reading your just made me really miss tripping...

    glad you had a nice trip:)

    trips can be so self enlightening...everything is the same yet different like theres a glow on everything making it psychedelic..

    man...i miss reallyyy MISS it.

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