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  1. I just finished reading "Rule of the Bone" by Russel Banks and I can say that is one of the coolest books i have ever read. I loved how he incorporated Rastafarian ism into his work and loved the life story feel to the book.

    After reading this book I'm needing help from Grasscity to help suggest other books that you have enjoyed that are comparable to "Rule of the Bone" or any others you just suggest. Thanks!
  2. This book sounds cool, i'll have to give it a read in the near future. Thanks for the suggestion :).

    Some books i really enjoyed were:
    *Tweak - Nic Sheff (this was a very compelling book about a drug addict)
    *A Painted House - John Grisham (about a boy's youth while growing up in Akansas)
    *Freakonomics - Steven Levitt (very interesting book about economics. The book focuses on interesting, every day questions - not your typical economics book)
    *In Praise of Slowness - Carl Honore (talks about the 'cult of speed' and why doing things slow is becoming a lost art)

    I enjoy reading a lot and currently i'm reading a lot more non-fiction than fiction. Both fiction and non-fiction books are great IMO but recently i've just really enjoyed learning about new things (hence, i tend to read more non-fiction). But saying that, i've learnt a lot from the novels i've read.

    Happy reading, hope this helped :)

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