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  1. I've read 2 books already and I am having trouble finding instructions with direct time frames. I don't want to make a million posts on here asking "when do I do this or that", but I still don't really get the full picture. Obviously after reading 2 books I have the general idea down pretty well, and the heavier covered topics like venting, lighting, and soil I completely understand, I just don't really know when a lot of things need to be done. Any recommendations?

    Go to this site and download a book called: Marijuana grow basics- The easy guide for cannabis aficionados by Jorge Cervantes.

    This is the guy you need to know about, a growing God. Chapter 10 of this book is what your after, a weekly break down start to finish! He's also got another book on that site called, Marijuana horticulture the indoor/outdoor medical growers Bible.

    Honestly you don't have to look any further! Good luck!
  3. what time frames are you talking about?

    ie: "how long to veg/flower", "how long to run h2o (in hydro)" or "when to water (in soil)" ect...
  4. Thanks, I will check out both those links.

    No I got the more basic things like that, I mean when to add which nutrients, approximately when do I need to increase light from my starter CFL lights, and more complicated things like that.
  5. Well you sorta have to learn alot by doing. Reading will only get you about 70% of the way there.

    There are no specific time lines its not a precise science. Every grow is different.

    What picture are you looking for?

    As for the above. Well if your using decent soil then 3 week or so you can add nutrients. Dont use the amount listed on the bottle but 25-40% and work your way up. When can you increase your lights? From day 1 you can have it full blast.
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    I didn't ask for a picture.

    I know I can have them on full blast right away. What I mean is, in my setup I will be using a 432 watt T5 and 2 65w CFL's for side lighting. I already have the CFL's and I'd like to get started, but I wan't to make sure I get my big light in time, so when is it necessary to up the lighting? As for the nutes, that's what I was looking for. I knew to start out minimal, but I didn't see anything that really said when. Also, I have seen people using quite a few bottles of different nutes and then I see others that use two or one, or even none sometimes. I just wan't to make sure I use the exact right stuff the exact right time, but as you said, it's not an exact science and I'm a noob, so it might not go that way.
  7. As soon as the first set of leaves pops lights need to be on. Before that other then the warmth of them seedlings dont have a light requirement...but the 1st set pops fast.

    As for the nutes they sell them usually in 2 ways. A 3 part series and it will have a chart that tells you how much of each type for each week of grow. Fox Farms Nute Trio is a example of that.

    The other way they sell like in the case of what I use Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Bloom. For the Grow and Bloom theres A + B. Two bottles for each stage. They dont mix them all together because stored together can degrade them. You mix say 1 tablespoon of Grow A+ B to your water then feed it. All the single type stuff thats usually sold is some kind of supplement that says it does this or that.

    As for like in the case of the nutes I use..well when im in Veg stage I use Grow A/B, when I am in flower I switch over to Bloom A+B. I also use the following supplements...Botanicare Cal-Mag .. most nute regiments are low in Cal, and Mag and I add that to most of my waterings. I also in the flowering part use Advanced Nutrients Big Bud and Bud Candy. Only use those 2 since I got some on sale and wanted to try.

    When your feeding start off slow then work your way up. Your plant will tell you whats to much and every strain differs in what it can take. Youll notice from the tips of the leaves turning brown. Its also suprising how effective just 50% dose is

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