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  1. I am looking for an interesting read about the nature and creation of substances such as LSD and DMT.

    I think it will make for an interesting and compelling read.

    Any good suggestions?
  2. Anything by Terrance Mackenna
    I think thats how you spell his name...
    Lol. He's a philosopher. & he experiments with various psychedelics.
    He's a smart man...
    Too bad he died if brain cancer....
  3. Alright.

    But I want informational books about psychedelics.
    like the history of.
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    PiKHAL and TiKHAL by Alexander Shulgin. Two of the best books you'll find on this subject.
  5. The spirit molecule
  6. read some books by Joe Rogan

  7. I don't think he has much...uhm, credibility.

    I have always thought he was a little goofy.

    But I will check him out regardless. :hello:

  8. Thanks! Looks interesting. I will check them out.
  9. Also check out if you don't already know about it.

  10. Hah. Yes, of course. :laughing:

  11. For sure. Shulgin synthesized so much shit.
  12. Not about nature/creation but try psychadelic books like Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, Electric KoolAid Acid Test, the acid house, something by jack kerouac
  13. These two books are amazing. Erowid has an amazing list on books on all different drugs. You should be able to find plenty of books on there for DMT , LSD , and other psychedelics.
    Erowid Library :smoke:
  14. A Separate Reality by Castaneda :)
  15. DMT - The Spirit Molecule - Rick Strassman
    LSD - My Problem Child - Albert Hofmann
    The Invisible Landscape - Terrence & Dennis McKenna
    Lysergic Acid Diethylamide and Mescaline in Experimental Psychiatry - Louis Cholden

    These are a few to get the mind going.
  16. Inner Paths to Outer Space by Dr. Rick Strassman

    Honestly, I think anybody should read Inner Paths instead of DMT: TSM. Inner Paths does a good job of recapping the clinical trials and leaving all the fluff out.

    The book is about non-ordinary states of consciousness achieved through psychedelic and non-psychedelic means. Not exactly what you're asking for OP, but still interesting.
  17. Good selection. I've read the spirit molecule and The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley is a good book as well. Although it's really an essay on his experience with mescaline but he's a good writer in my opinion.
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    the problem with DMT the spirit molecule is that it talks too much about the experience and not so much the science, or so I've read, anyone know anything on that?
    I started reading PiKHAL, good so far. Pretty good so far
  19. It is. It's good though. But like you said, it's more about the experience, but it's still a good read though in my opinion.
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    The spirit Molecule had an entire section devoted to the science part of dmt haha and i thought the experiences were an excellent read! Like the one experience where the guy said he was being raped by crocodiles during his dmt trip haha. edit:I also felt i could see similarities between my personal experiences and what some people in The Spirit Molecule had described although their effects were much more profound due mostly to the fact that they were given the substance intravenously.

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