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Booked *-Beware long story-*

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CoccoPuffz, May 23, 2010.

  1. Recently my parents found my stash ( about 7gs of dank, my pipe, scale, lighters, and papers). I was at my friends house when they found my stash and they decided to clean my room. I was about to tell them i smoked a few days later, but when i came back from my friends house they confronted me about my weed. I told them straight out it was mine, my dad asked if i was dealing and why i needed a scale, i told him to not get ripped, witch is the truth. they pulled the "Is this what you need to fell good?" card on me and asked me what friends did it. I told them I use weed for recreational purposes only about once or twice a week, and did not give any names as to not sell out any of my friends. My mother was well the typical brainwashed parent, saying things that don't happen when you are high. My dad on the other hand, smokes weed. he did not really say anything as i felt that he knew my mother was misinformed. The reason he did not disagree with my mother is because they are going through a nasty divorce right now and doesn't want to make it worse. i know my dad smokes weed because i found his rolling papers and some visine. i want to confront him about it but i don't know how. as for my mother I have tried to get them to sit down and watch the union with me but she doesn't think anything i say is worth hearing anymore. i'm not grounded or punished thanks to my dad. i still smoke, and my parents are questioning wherever i go. i want to make them see what they know is wrong and smoke dank without them looking down on me.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Don't show them the union - yet. It is a slick media project with an obvious pro marijuana bias. I like the union as a stoner, but if my daughter would have showed it to me when she was young, I would have laughed at her. Show them lots of studies, medical marijuana studies facts about weed that have been proven by science.

    Myths and Facts About Marijuana

    Marijuana | Drug War Facts

    The first ones are news articles and studies about medical MJ. The middle is myths about marijuana and facts that show the truth with studies to back them up.The last one is the best, click on the links and print them out for them. There is also a medical MJ link on that page that takes you to more links. Print everything out and make a book!!!

    Good Luck,

  3. Well, the first thing that you have to understand are your parents concerns with it, so you know how to properly address each.

    For example, if your mother was spouting off about some nonsense she's heard in the past about how weed makes you violent and out of control, or causes cancer, you could come back with some facts on the contrary.

    However, your parents main concerns may not be that simple. They may simply be worried about the whole illegality of it, to which you can attempt to quell their concerns with your maturity (only smoke in the house in private, never in public, don't carry anything with you in public, etc, etc.), but keep in mind that if they still have concerns about getting busted with it in their house, and you're still living at home, then you should respect that and not do it in their home.

    Sit down with them and discuss it. Perhaps at least with your Dad, since he seems to be a bit more understanding.

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