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  1. So while not necessarily an organics topic, I enjoy the wisdom from the active members in this sub forum so here goes.

    How To Grow Marijuana Book | Growing Cannabis Indoors Guide

    Anyone ever hear of this book or work some of its methods? Crazy price at $500 a copy, and I won't critique the overall content but am interested in your thoughts on the massive defoliation technique they use at day 1 and 21 of flowering...picking the plant clean... There's a time lapse video out there of this process..

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    Fools and their money are soon parted...

    $500 for a book about cannabis cultivation? Fucking seriously????? Horticultural/agricultural texts produced by universities based on real botanical science don't cost THAT much. It boggles the mind. Industry gimmickry at its finest. Nuff' said there...

    Defoliation works for chemical growers because they have no need to establish a synergistic relationship between the plant and soil biota. In organic gardening, plant root exudates dictate how the soil biota work to solubilize the necessary nutrients from organic matter for healthy plant growth. These phytochemicals (exudates) are produced in the fan leaf, and are then transported down to the root and into the rhizosphere to stimulate the proper microbial response. Considering plant cultivation in living soils, excessive defoliation will only serve to depreciate yield and quality of your medicinal/recreational herbs...

    I didn't spend a lot of time looking over any information provided in their website. The fact that they claim a 300% increase in production using the same lighting without considering the genetic predisposition of any and all cultivars is ludicrous...
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  3. I personally find it beyond ridiculous to ask 500$ for any book, unless it's a signed copy of "Catcher in the Rye".

    The author looks and dresses himself like an arrogant money-sucking douchebag, which he obviously is in full. I lost my tolerance for greedy arrogant rich boys back when I lived in Boulder, CO and this fool is no different.
    I hope he gets stuck with 10,000 unsold copies that end up as 99 cent listings on ebay.
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  4. I was just reading about this on mass roots and I'll call bullshit! He claims to have gotten well over 4 a light with certain genetics in soil.

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  5. this guy can get you the money to buy the book.
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