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Book Suggestions (reps)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Runningw235, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. I'm done with Atlas Shrugged and I need a new book to read. I have Rand's Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal, but I want to broaden my horizons.

    I'd like it to have to do with economics and/or finance. Fiction or Nonfiction. Preferably something that is entertaining and captivating like Atlas Shrugged was for me.

    Will rep for thoughtful suggestions.

  2. [​IMG]
    I just finished this book, its short and awesome. I am trying to read all of Rothbards books. I LOVE THE MAN!!!

    I am reading this book right now and it is also excellent.

  3. Yeah Anatomy of the State is a masterpiece, like many of Rothbard's works.
  4. I have to spread rep around before I rep most of you again, not that you all probably care.

    Probably an indirect result of you all reading books.

    Anatomy of the State sounds cool.
  5. Anybody know of any good books about investing?
  6. Murray Rothbard- America's Great Depression

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