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  1. a herd of constipated donkeys passed through a field of convicts outfitted in duct tape, the guards ride rhinos, cuz i mean, dude...look...ITS A FUCKING RHINO!!....look at it man!! FUCKIN RHIIIINNOOOO!! that big ass horn nose thing goin on, uber thick skin, theyre the fucking tank of the animal kingdom...fuckin Paladin.

    *PBS Animal whatever with Marty Stoufer..stewart..whatever*

    They may grow to 14 feet (4.3 meters) long and 6 1/2 feet (2 meters) high at the shoulder. Adults may weigh as much as four tons. Their massive bodies are settled on short, stumpy legs. The feet have three short toes tipped with broad, blunt nails. The animal's thick skin forms plate like folds resembling armor, especially at the shoulders and thighs. All rhinos are gray or brown in color. They are nearly hairless except for stiff bristles at the tip of the tail and short fringes around the ears.

    Most rhinoceroses are solitary inhabitants of open grassland, savanna, scrub forest, or marsh. In solitary species the home territory is crisscrossed with well-worn trails and tunnels through the brush, and the borders are often marked with urine and piles of dung. The animals eat a variety of vegetation, and some have prehensile upper lips that they use to grasp and tear grass, reeds, and twigs.
    The animal's eyes are small and shortsighted, but their senses of smell and hearing are very keen. Most rhinoceroses prefer to avoid humans, but males, particularly during the breeding season, and females with calves may charge with little provocation. Despite their bulk, they can run at speeds of up to 28 miles (45 kilometers) per hour for short distances.

    *bill nye the science guy hour is fucking mother fuckers arent then?!....big mother fuckers.

    awesome animals.
    i guess you cant say you cant get an education at grasscity...

    im also a plagerioanaschisoscientist(stoned)

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  2. Rhinos may be cool, but I find reptiles all the more fascinating. Thats why Im dedicating my life to them and other animals.. I am studying for my zoology degree, and majoring in herpetology. If you want to know anything about it, let me know. Trivia: without looking it up, how many species of rhino are found on the planet earth? :)

  3. There is three. The African Grey, The Black, And the SUmatran red haired. ;-)
  4. OOI (out of interest)- I guess the white Rhino is an albino one of those three. Which one though?
  5. There is 3 species of rhino to my knowledge, and within these there is certain subspecies. They live in africa and asia.. The white rhino is probably the grey for that fact... and I know more about reptiles, excuse my confused stoned ass...:p

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  6. lets just say, for the not wearing any panties....

  7. Oh no not again... Here goes Norm naked again!!

    It's not football season now.. Put your panties back on!
  8. shit, ive got boxers on tho...too cold not to have the cods wrapped in somethin....i just dont happen to be wearing any panties:p
  9. So ya finally took them off your head then ?:D
  10. hah, i wish there were a good reason i had panties on my head....

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