Boob Size!!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by RMJL, Mar 16, 2003.


Men...what do you dig...Women...what are you????

  1. Men: Do you prefer Cup size A?

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  2. Men: Do you prefer Cup size B?

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  3. Men: Do you prefer Cup size C?

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  4. Men: Do you prefer Cup size D?

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  5. Men: Do you prefer Cup size Larger then them all???

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  6. Women:Are you Cup size A?

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  7. Women:Are you Cup size B?

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  8. Women:Are you Cup size C?

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  9. Women:Are you Cup size D?

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  10. Women:Are you Cup size Larger then them all???

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  11. Why does size matter????

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  1. Ok...since everyone seemed to get all weird about the penis thread, let's hear about tits!!!! have your choices as to what you have your choices as to what you are! And some women can vote on what they dig, too!!!

    Let's go for it!!!
  2. Between a B and C, not big, not small, but well shaped and firm. any more than a handful's a waste i always thought,,,,but i got really big hands haha


    Boobies r kool!
  3. lol well
    i'll go into a BIG GIANT EXPLANATION for ya.
    this is coming from a teenager, so expect alot :p

    well anyway
    it all depends on the girl to me.
    If the girl has a big ass, its nice to have some big titties to match. I rather have big boobs than a big ass, but its all good. I big ass with no tits is kinda, I dunno, just out of place. Sometimes a nice small, yet firm ass can be a good thing. Like this one girl, she is skinny, but she got a fkin rack!
    and she got a small ass, but its nice n firm, perfect kind of body !!
    couldnt ask for anythin more than some 36 b's and a nice lil ass, or some 36c's and one big ol juicy ass. lol

    u asked, I told ;)
  4. Hell, yeah!!! I love when you guys get honest!!! I wouldn't fucking ask, if I didn't want to know!!!! ;)
  6. I like c's and d's. But really it doesn't matter because what ever the girl has, it won't do them any good if that is alll they have!

    Personality, creativity, and all that is where it's at.

    A good blow job is't good if that is alll she has to offer!
  7. Silly, silly Bud Head, again. Dude, what's up with you? Why are you being so "respectable" in your posts here in the box? LMAO! I'm respectable, that's fine! I love you, anyway! I'm just used to the Leghounds answers...he must be on vacation! LOL!
  8. Whats so respectable about that?

    I said it's so much better when you are with the right person..

    BTW you should only have sex with some one only 23 hours in a day..No more than that!

    You got to save time for other things too..

    Now from any woman out there A blowjob only!

    If it some one I can relate to!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I'll go all the way!
  9. yeah boobs are nice. i like just about any size. average to big but not to big and not saggy. firm and perky are what i like.
  10. naw mate it aint just you, nice firm overflowing b's are really really nice. :D

  11. Im going to have to say it depends on the package. If you are 4ft 10 you probably dont need 34E's. Im going to say Pro smaller firmer, or somewhere in between maybe.? Small and firm during the week and large and incharge every other saturday. :) LOL

  12. who really cares about boob size...*scratches head*
  13. i don't really, i like them natural and proportionate but too big is just weird
  14. I never had a set size preference, the wife has 40DD and I have no complaints. ( o Y o )
  15. heh heh... i like my boobs. but i am afraid they will keep growing and keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger! i am a D cup right now and I don't want them to grow anymore. they hurt my back.
  16. I love the boobies!

    here is a saying that....

    More than a mouth full is a waste..

    Not if your sliding the cock between them.

    A little hot oil and DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bh so true roflmao
  18. i feel this poll is biased! RMJL!!!! directed towards MEN to what you prefer...hmmmm...well i suppose Ill just pick *my* size even though I prefer them much, much, much more...I mean mine are all good to touch.
  19. Damn it...I'm sorry Sensi. I got in the Box and forgot to think. I'll fix it or make a new poll at your request!!!
  20. Mine are a full B. A little more than a handfull. I'm already a handful, so I guess there just right for me, don't get me wrong more would be good but if they get too big you have to wear a bra most of the time or your floppin around and I like to wear cute little shirts.

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